Are the Game of Thrones In Book Maps Just Not Doing It For You Anymore?

You love your Game of Thrones series (a series I will never call “A Song of Ice and Fire” because that’s dumb) but those in book maps are disappointing. Maybe their resolution just isn’t high enough. Maybe you got the books on Kindle, which does many things well, but accurately displaying an image is not one of them. Or maybe you’ve been all over the maps in all five books several times, and still haven’t been able to accurately determine Dorne’s location in relation to Westeros and Essos. Maybe you didn’t even know the continent with the Dothraki was called Essos (I had to wiki that shit, honestly). If only there were a giant ass set of maps that we could look at to figure this out.

But wait. what’s this? The Lands of Ice and Fire (that goddamn title again) is a bunch of maps that will answer all those nagging questions about the geographical setting of the Game of Thrones books. Even better, there’s a version that tracks the character’s travels over the course of all the books. That’s cool. Kind of dumb, because then I’m just going to have to buy another set once the series is completed, meaning I will own two more atlases of a pretend world than I do of the real world I actually live in, but whatever. You can preorder here, but it’s not being released until October 30th, so don’t hold your breath.

From Topless Robot