Are We Finally Getting GTA: Star Wars?

Possibly? A new game called Star Wars: 1313 was just announced at E3. Named so because it takes place on Level 1313 of Coruscant (For non Star Wars nerd: there are a shit ton of levels on Coruscant, and the lower you go, the worse things get) you’re going to be a Bounty Hunter investigating a criminal conspiracy. You’ll fight through “epic set pieces” with “fast paced combat” and “exotic weaponry”. It’s a virtual smorgasbord of exciting catch phrases. But as for the specific game, not a lot is known. It’s a third person shooter. But if that means a free ranging game like Grand Theft Auto, or more of a straightforward shooter with standard levels and basic objectives, we don’t know.

Hopefully it’s not a GTA clone. Because then I still have a chance to sell Lucasarts my plot for a Grand Theft Auto: Star Wars game about a Nar Shadaa swoop jockey pulled into an escalating conflict between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance over a dangerous new weapon unearthed on the planet. With plenty of free roaming gameplay and exciting missions. Unfortunately, since it’s Star Wars they would never let you get away with an M Rated game, so you’d have to have that stupid thing where civilians always just manage to get out of your way when you try to run them down, and all the bad guys you shot would have to be stormtroopers or robots. Still, I’d play the hell out of it. Call me up, Lucasarts.