Are You a Huge Fan of the Marvel Movies, But Don’t Own Any of Them on Blu-Ray?

Well, good news for you. Here’s this Marvel Cinematic Collection. Ten discs, including all six Marvel movies. Including the stupid 3D versions of the movies that were released in stupid 3D. Which is great. For that ONE person who is into the movies enough to justify buying a massive box set with all them. Pretty much how it breaks down is “People who enjoyed the movie, but never really bought them on Blu-Ray”. They’re probably not going to buy the giant set. They didn’t want them individually, they didn’t want them together? Then there’s “People who loved the movies a whole lot, and therefore already bought the Blu-Rays”. They already got the Blu-Rays. They don’t need the box set. That only leaves “People who already bought them all, but will buy the box set again because it’s ‘collectible’ or some nonsense.” There’s a few of those people, but enough to justify this massive thing? I doubt it. They’re real target will have to be “people who JUST got a Blu-Ray player.” Obviously they don’t have the Blu-Rays. They might want this giant pack. But everyone else, we’re just not that excited.