Avengers Smashes Harry Potter

Our Box Office Results, from Box Office Mojo

1. Marvel’s The Avengers – $200,300,000
Two hundred million dollars. That’s a lot of million dollars. Harry Potter had the previous biggest opening weekend at a hundred sixty nine million. So this isn’t even close. They just blew on by. Everyone loves them some Avengers.

2. Think Like a Man – $8,000,000
You’re not Avengers, so I don’t care for you.

3. The Hunger Games – $5,700,000
Back up to number three. Impressive. I guess Zac Efron coming back from war isn’t as much of a draw as you’d expect.

4. The Lucky One – $5,510,000
At some point, everyone who went to see this movie must have thought, we could see this, or we could see The Avengers? And these folks decided on The Lucky One. That’s bad.

5. The Pirates! Band of Misfits - $5,400,000