Bioware’s Caving to the Whiners


(Photo’s from Hellstern)

So, all your complaining paid off.  Bioware totally submitted to your stupid demands.  So now, we’re gonna get some “enhanced” ending that I can guarantee will not placate the whiners in any way, because they’re a bunch of whiners.  What it almost certainly will do is explain the ending in painful detail, lessening the impact for all of us who enjoyed it as it was.  All this is going to do is create even more people who are pissed at the ending.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Bioware, if you must “fix” one of your games, well, Dragon Age II was a fantastic game covered in a shell of bugs and errors so thick it sometimes obscured anything good the game had. You can fix that, so that my Merrill story plays in the right order, or so that the ending wrap up actually has something to do with the game I played, well, that might be a better use of your time.

  • Keyrlis

    Stupid demands? Really? Is it so stupid to want different endings as we were promised by Mr. Muzyka? While I promote artistic integrity, I expect there to be integrity in my artists. To build such an incredible and diverse story arc with characters of depth and believability, and then to end it by offering three simple choices with slightly different outcomes? Outcomes, mind you, that have little meaning to the choices I agonized over in my suspension of disbelief. Such sloppy writing at the climax, and the total lack of catharsis in what must pass as the denouement is a slap in the face to those of us who have shared the journey. Worse yet, in the three choices, the Reapers had no option to truly beat us, but humanity and the other races left stranded without relay travel had no option to truly win, either.
    Your dismissal only proves you both weren’t emotionally involved in the story, and that your literary skills grossly under-qualify you to be posting in public.
    Please go write in your diary so that at least you will have one reader who will believe your entries have any validity.

    • MeowSkywalker

      I’d take offense to the literary skills comment, but I did write this on my phone, so it was kind of a mess.