Brave – Movie Review

I wasn’t supposed to see Brave this weekend, but I managed to squeeze it in. As a whole I liked it, but it did have a few issues that I can see why some people and some critics hate it.

When making a fairy tale, you have a very different story structure than that of a modern movie. Sometimes, fairy tales didn’t even have a set structure, they were just going until the message came across. So now you have people creating a modern day allegory in a classic setting attempting classic pacing in a modern medium. So the whole thing feels a little disjointed. In fact, the true inciting incident doesn’t happen until you are half way into the movie. Half way! Yes, the true problem is the princess and her mother disagreeing on tradition, but there’s this whole “what the hell” moment that happens far too late.

The plot is straight forward except for the single issue of whether you need to fix the device representing the lesson to be learned or the actual device itself. Seemed like they needed both on this one and that doesn’t really make sense. Should be one or the other, and then if it is the device, why? Why learn your lesson as a secondary feature? Just make her learn her lesson.

However, the ability to use every Scottish stereotype in a likable fashion makes it fun to watch. All of your favorite Scottish actors bring some great characters to the table, and the animation is spectacular at times. So yes, while there are issues that my brain couldn’t forgive, I still enjoyed myself. Too bad I had to go to two separate theatres to do that.