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DC Seems Like He Has Been Hit On Hard Times

This is a little awkward, but any Marvel vs DC arguments are awkward in general. There’s a surprise cameo at the end. This is a pretty good analogy, though DC fans will believe that their avatar is being more of a jerk than he needs to be. But listen up, he’s not.

Animated Batman With Muse Soundtrack

This kick-ass (albeit older) Muse song makes everything awesome. Not that this “animation” or Batman needed any help. A labor of love no way associated with DC, a really quick adventure of Batman saving a little girl from Joker. I saw the ending coming, but it was good nonetheless. A Gotham Fairytale is one of the better fan projects I’ve seen, and I salute you, Mauricio Abril. You belong in the fan art hall of fame. If there was a thing. You could do that, and watercolor the logo.

Being Overly Creative Can Be a Bad Thing in Cosplay

This is all well and good for drawings for theory, but you can go a little far with trying to merge universes. I’m confused why there were so many Inuyasha and Goku in the room. Seems like something from 10 years ago. Doing crossover Doctor Who cosplay might have been tricky to draw. Totally knew Joss Whedon was in the room, too. Nice ending.

Wolverine vs Predator Dream Fight Winner Obvious

I mean, one of these characters can’t die. But, the same could have been said for the Batman vs Deadpool matchup, but there was no way Batman was going to lose. Just like there’s no way anyone is going to let Wolverine lose. Wolverine beats the Predator, just like pretty much anyone else who has faced the Predator.

Lois Lane Is Relentless in Her Pursuit of the Truth

This feels pretty obvious as a future or past Superhero Short from Cartoon Network’s DC Nation time slot. I’m not sure because I haven’t watch DC Nation since they canceled Young Justice. Some of their shorts are really good though. I enjoyed that Wonder Woman one, Plastic Man is fun, and the Vibe parody is spot on. Too bad I can’t just watch a bunch of those. Probably should find the rest of them on the internet somewhere…

One Guide to Cosplay for Non White People

This time it’s black people. I have a similar problem thinking of cosplay since I’m short and have a beard. My choices are litearlly dwarf, hobbit and Berserker from Borderlands 2. Or just Paul Giamatti. Carry a wine bottle around and do Sideways. That’ll make sense to everyone.

Wolverine and Friends Puppet Muscial

Oh, yes. Puppets, Wolverine, and popular Broadway tunes all Hulk-smashed together. Even a dig at Spider-man the Musical. I saw a couple of songs each from Phantom of the Opera and Chicago. I didn’t notice Les Miserables, but that’s too obvious a joke, so I think they skipped it. No one would recognize it, but they could have thrown in an Australia song, from the movie Australia. Probably better they didn’t.

Wolverine Claws Made by a Blacksmith

Man at Arms takes on Wolverine’s claws in his latest showcase of metallurgy. This one is a bit weird because he’s making something that normally comes out of a body part. But they still look cool and the demo at the end delightfully destructive. Makes you wish you had claws. Until you stab yourself.

Someone Made a Gritty Nightwing Series

People really love Nightwing for whatever reason. These guys made a series premiere starring their favorite grown-up sidekick. Grayson: Earth One is also crowd-funding for future episodes, because 16 minute series episodes are expensive. And you would like to buy things for the show and still be able to eat at the same. So, there’s that. And here’s Nightwing.

Superman Knows How to Ball Kick

Just Superman kicking someone in the balls. It’s epic. Thanks. That’s all.