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Simpsons Get Additional Space at Universal Studios

Springfield-Comes-to-Universal-Orlando-this-Summer_Final-610x328The reasons to go to Universal Studios Orlando get better and better. To go along with the Simpsons ride they already have, they are building a small piece of Springfield for you to hang out in. It appears you will be able to patron Krusty Burger, Moe’s Tavern, Frying Dutchman, and purchase Duff Beer which will brewed locally at the park. There’s also going to be a ride featuring Kang and Kodos. Well, I say Kudos, Universal Studios. KUDOS!

Space Mountain Disneyland – Review

Space Mountain goes on record as the first official rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. I just don’t have the gravitational fortitude to handle a lot of the movement. Luckily, Space Mountain is in the dark and I can’t see when the turns happen. I had a lot of fun being able to barely glimpse something was about to change and then be surprised with which direction I’d be going. Kudos, to Space Mountain for getting me into it and then making me dizzy afterwards. Might take me a while to get back to it though. Space Mountain is probably a must stop on your Disneyland adventure.

Splash Mountain Disneyland – Review

There is some really interesting dichotomy going on in this ride. A lot of cute characters interacting, singing the whole way through, then the rabbit gets captured and you fall down a giant slide and some people get wet. I was dismayed to learn that they reshaped the flume so it doesn’t splash as much, but I went in winter so it worked out, except for the guy in the front, he got wet. I’ve never really been able to handle rollercoasters so I still can’t seem to handle long drops which this one has. Splash Mountain is pretty fun and probably a necessity during the summer, but it was just okay here.

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and Snow White’s Scary Adventures Disneyland – Review

I lumped these two rides together because they are essentially the same ride. You are in a cart that runs along a track and you traverse across different parts of the particular movies that they are in: Wind in the Willows and Snow White.

Snow White had some better effects, but they seemed to go out of their way to accentuate the scary part. So at least 1/3 of the ride was the evil queen in her disguise trying to give us apples. She really wanted us to try an apple. Must’ve been 4 or 5 times we saw apples. Then there was the anti-climactic ending when everything was suddenly okay. It was weird.

Not as weird as Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, where there isn’t really an ending. Not a happy one at least. They took just his motorcar sequence here and made it pretty exciting with all of the almost danger we were put in. Then we ended up in hell. Then the ride ended. It was weird.

So in conclusion, these are two pretty short and definitely weird rides.

Jungle Cruise Disneyland – Review

There’s no getting around this one: you go on this ride for the one-liners. Our skippers favorite line was, “Oh my god, look over there! There’s absolutely nothing!” and “Here’s the most interesting part of the tour, the backside of water.” Yup, you can expect that sort of thing while on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It’s a gentle ride that could barely be classified as a ride since it’s basically a boat ride in a circle. It’s not terrible, but Indiana Jones is right next door…

Haunted Mansion Disneyland – Review

I decided to review this ride over Pirates of the Caribbean because they have some awesome effects going on here. Some great holograms, animated projections, and hyrdaulics tricks. Being put into a stretching room and then ushered on to a moving comfy chair really accents a great atmosphere. The singing I could do without, but if it were gone than it wouldn’t be much of a kids’ ride. I definitely recommend this as one of your stops especially if you are into visual effects.

Indiana Jones Ride Dinseyland – Review

I think this might’ve been my favorite ride during my romp through Disneyland. First, I was totally surprised that it was a moving rollercoaster-type event because my knowledge of it was based on the episode of Full House they went to Disneyworld and I guess there was a live stage show at the time which didn’t move at all. The ride I went on moved A LOT! In fact, this ride was closed all morning, probably for repairs because this ride seems impossible to keep in working order. The starting and stopping alone would cause mechanical failure.

Anyway, you simulate (for wheatever reason) a car ride through a temple somewhere and you experience an Indiana Jones style escape. Really, totally worth the wait, the entrance, and the closed timed. Make it one of your must-stops at Disneyland, unless you get whiplash easily.

Captain EO at Disneyland – Review

I didn’t remember this existing when I returned to Disneyland back when I was 5, but I guess it was and I didn’t see it… because I was 5. Anyway, someone casts Michael Jackson in the titular role of a space captain tasked with a spectacular musical mission. He defeats the enemy of the galaxy with song and dance despite his crazy collection of characters he calls a crew.

This movie is so 1986. SO MUCH 1986. The writing, the character design, the Michael Jackson-ness. So what makes this a ride is the 3D glasses and some occasional seat vibration. I mostly enjoyed the cheesy 1986-ness of the movie and the fact that there was no wait. The 3D didn’t always work with the old special effects and was a little forced sometimes. Not bad for an easy ride to get into. Not my favorite, but there could be worse things that go in this space.

Disneyland New Star Tours – Review

I went to Disneyland over the weekend, and of course I had to try the new version of Star Tours. It’s a pretty standard motion ride, but it’s real selling point is the Star Wars aspect. We got to the park right when it opened because we had to go on this ride first, otherwise it would’ve been hours to wait in line and fast pass would’ve been worthless. Apparently, there are several combinations of potential locations that the Star Tours ship could go. Unfortunately, I went podracing on Tatooine and underwater on Naboo. A little disappointing when there’s Hoth and Dagobah and Corsuscant and the Death Star and Kashyyyk. So really, I got the two combinations I wanted the least. Overall, it is a really entertaining ride despite the cheesy and kid-targeted humor. But it is Disneyland, after all.

Hey, you know what, I’m going to review some of the other rides I went on during my trip. Stay tuned, readers!

Sorry About Anything Bad I May Have Ever Said About You, Japan

You made this monstrosity, so I’m willing to overlook all your other problems.

It’s at the Fuji-Q park, a theme park who’s “theme” is that they’re near Mount Fuji. Six Flags over Mount Fuji would sound better, right? Franchise opportunity.

Their PR:

Takabisha roller coaster boasts the world’s steepest freefall: A gut-melting 121 degrees capable of inducing g-force levels equivalent to those experienced by fighter pilots.

The 141-foot, 62mph drop is merely the cherry that tops a 2-mile-long roller coaster cake filled with seven major twists and turns

121 Degrees. That’s a lot. A lot of degrees. Substantially more than the 90 degrees that roller coasters already impress me with.

Here’s the first person view of the ride:

From Geekologie