Community Returns in March!

Community’s coming back on March 15th. Hooray! It’s still gonna be stuck in that ridiculous 8:00 PM time slot. Less hooray. And we’re gonna lose Parks and Rec until Up All Night’s season ends. Even less hooray. I could totally lose either The Office or Up All Night before Parks and Rec. But I guess they have a shorter season, so it makes more sense to place them in the post-Office time slot? I dunno. It’s more complicated than I like to think about. It’s easier to complain about things that annoy me than figure out why. Either way, new Community episodes coming soon. Let’s get people to actually watch the show, so we get another damn season.

And, in other weird Community news, the guy that plays Inspector Spacetime thinks that an actual Inspector Spacetime show should actually exist. That’s a weird thing to think, but shit, that seems like an okay thing to want to happen. So he’s making a webseries based on the imaginary show within a show. And when I say “he’s making” I literally mean “he’s making”, because the producers of Community actually have nothing to do with it. Or, at least, he will, if his Kickstarter gets funded. So, maybe you can make that happen.