Damn It, Tartakovsky, No!

Do you want to see a shitty cg re-imagining of Popeye? No, you say? Why would anyone want that, you say? What if I told you it was directed by the man that created Samurai Jack? That’s even more depressing, you say? All I’ll be able to think about is the fact that he’s making this nonsense, while Samurai Jack is still not a movie, you say? You share many of the same opinions as me. We should hang out. No, really, I was willing to ignore the unpleasantness that was Hotel Transylvania. But another crappy paycheck movie right afterward? Bringing back a painfully dated character in unfortunate 3D CG? That’s terrible. Find a way to make a Samurai Jack movie. Right now.

Unless this is the way to make a Samurai Jack movie. If making this movie is the sacrifice he had to make as a trade for getting a Samurai Jack movie funded, I will retroactively stop hating this movie. Until that happens, though, I just despise this whole thing’s existence.

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