Dredd Trailer – Basically “The Raid” But In the Future

Did you like The Raid, but wish it had way less Indonesian martial arts, and way more scowling Karl Urban? Then you are in luck. Especially if you like the occasional quasi-futuristic thing jammed in there to make it appear to be THE FUTURE. If that’s something you’re looking for you are going to love this.

Otherwise, you know, it’s Judge Dredd. He shoots a bunch of bad guys, some stuff explodes, and he frowns a lot while wearing that silly helmet. What else do you want. They got rid of Stallone’s stupid voice, and they got rid of fucking… whathisface. The “you can do it” guy from the Adam Sandler movies. Rob Schneider. No more Rob Schneider. Clearly this is an improvement.

  • darren maher

    Yes. Yes it is.