Final Fantasy VII Officially In More Places Soonish

We’ve already heard rumors about a Final Fantasy VII re-release on PC. And we heard about being available soon for the Vita. But now it’s official. Final Fantasy VII is gonna be on the PC. It says it’s “Available Exclusively on the SQUARE ENIX Store”, which is probably terrible. My only real experience with Square Enix’s online stuff is Final Fantasy XI. And that was terrible. It was almost broken, and was based on ancient technology even when it was released. I can’t imagine their online store is much better. Just put it on Steam, guys. I’m sure the much larger installed base will make up for the money that Steam makes on the service. As for the Vita version, well, PSOne games will be available on the Vita with the 1.8 firmware. Which will be available “Soon”. And will only make a few games available for play on the Vita. But Final Fantasy VII will be one of them. And I own Final Fantasy VII on PSN already. That’s a good deal. For me.

Okay, honestly, this is just a rehash of news we’ve already gotten. Two things we knew are happening are still happening… at some point. Sorry about this whole post. But, you know, on the upside, Final Fantasy VII! It’s the best.