Friendly Fire, a Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

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The Critical Failure is proud to produce its own Dungeons & Dragons podcast, Friendly Fire. Semi-frequent episodes will feature TCF writers and guests valiantly traversing the worlds that lay before them. Sometimes there is fun. Other times include utter pessimism followed by fun.

Current guests include:

-Lysander Abadia is a theatrically famous actor who has toured the world and performed in various venues in Las Vegas which makes him ideally qualified to quest as a half-elf bard.

-Anthony Barnaby is a performer with Happy Hour Improv and practitioner of all things geek. His hobbies include playing piano loud enough to annoy neighbors, watching bad movies as a means to determine mankind’s creative ability, and sighing heavily at the actions of his teammates.

-Mark Valentin is a newcomer to the game of D&D. He and his character, The Super Elf, don’t take things too seriously. When Mark isn’t playing D&D (which is 99% of the time), he’s either doing improv comedy or working towards his Masters in Criminal Justice.

Episode One (missing)
Episode Two: Lizardmen Be Crazy
Episode Three: Where’s My Greataxe?
Episode Four: The Arena
Episode Five: Candygram!
Episode Six: Grain, Glorious Grain!
Episode Seven: You Choose Poorly
Episode Eight: You Gotta Try This Circle
Episode Nine: Let’s Kill That Pirate Queen
Episode Ten: I’m Seeing Red
Episode Eleven: Poor Decision Making
Episode Twelve: Skeletons?
Episode Thirteen: Vol, Not Woll
Episode Fourteen: Twiggy, You Dick
Episode Fifteen: Why Are We Slower Than a Tree?
Episode Sixteen: Silverpebble, Ho!
Episode Seventeen: You’re Gonna Die, Twiggy!
Episode Eighteen: Freemantle
Episode Nineteen: The Keep
Episode Twenty: Beauty Is In The Eye of the..?
Episode Twenty-One: The Crystal
Episode Twenty-Two: Tangentrine
Episode Twenty-Three: Can We Turn Off the Blood?
Episode Twenty-Four: Dragon!
Episode Twenty-Five: Tournament
Episode Twenty-Six: That Was An Aside
Episode Twenty-Seven: Livestock Wrangling
Episode Twenty-Eight: Seriously, More Pirates?
Episode Twenty-Nine: Sea Monsters!
Episode Thirty: Are We Waylaid?
Episode Thirty-One: Shavett
Episode Thirty-Two: Xannen’s Temple, Finally
Episode Thirty-Three: Near Death Hijinks
Episode Thirty-Four: Dragonsouuul!
Episode Thirty-Five: Boat to Krandor
Episode Thirty-Six: The Seat of Krandor
Episode Thirty-Seven: So You Say You Want a Revolution?
Episode Thirty-Eight: Manticores Aren’t Chimeras
Episode Thirty-Nine: Gravitational Confusion
Episode Forty: Rematch
Episode Forty-One: Showdown