Gangster Squad Trailer – Because You Can Only Play LA Noire So Many Times

I wonder if any gangster has been hunted as much as Mickey Cohen in popular culture.  Al Capone might have.  But 1920s Chicago still seems less alluring than 1940s LA.  That delightful combination of the incredibly rich and the irreducibly poor living alongside movie stars and gangsters.  Everyone wearing dapper suits.  And a police force that, corrupt or clean, seem incredibly willing to resolve almost any issue with ridiculous firefights.  It’s addictive. 

So we get this.  Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling cleaning up the town by shooting everything that moves.  Only this tying it’s in ultra stylized, Zak Penn-esque ramped up and down fight scenes.  It’s crass, and overplayed, and Sean Penn appears to be sleeping through the role.  But who cares?  It’s all crazy gunfights and pretty explosions and awesome cars and snappy suits.  Fantastic.