Here’s a Zombie Gun

Remember how there’s a show about Rednecks building guns?  All I know about it is that there was an episode where a woman hit herself in the head with a desert eagle because she was way unprepared for the recoil.  I guess it’s got a second season, so someone must be entranced by gun making.

Anyway, now they’re making zombie guns.  Max Brooks of the Zombie Survival Guide showed up and challenged them to make the best zombie killing gun.  Which is odd, since his book is kind of anti gun (which I think is dumb, melee weapons may be easier to aim and require no reloading, but they also put you within biting distance).  They make this thing, which looks way more dangerous than just facing the zombies unarmed, really.  A grenade launcher?  When does that help? How often do zombies bunch up tight enough for a grenade launcher to hurt them when they’re far enough away that the grenade won’t kill you too.  Plus, grenades kill with shrapnel.  Zombies are notoriously immune to shrapnel.  Stupid gun makers.