Here’s What the Bonus Level in Diablo 3 Looks Like

If you’re anything like me, you kind of hate Diablo 3.  I don’t want to.  It’s Diablo and it’s Blizzard, and I gave them a substantial portion of my childhood.  Diablo 2 ate an entire summer for me, day and night, I played that game constantly, and I still played it for years after.  Admitting that I don’t like Diablo 3 seems wrong.  It seems shameful.  But, either way, I just can’t care.  Sorry guys. I’m sure my ridiculous love for you will be back when Starcraft 2: Zerg is Obviously the Best Race is released.

As far as Diablo 3, though, I’m kinda done with it.  But I still wanted to see this secret level.  So… here it is.  All pastel and ponies.  It’s awesome.  Not really awesome enough to burn through four acts of a game I don’t like.  But it is adorable.  And murderous.  Good combo.

  • Önder Alkan

    i need to ask a question for you. can i loot plan: staff of herding in normal diffuclty with 60 level