Ice Age: Continental Drift Trailer – Creationists Have a Better Grasp On Geological History

So, another one of these is happening.  Last time dinosaurs were hanging out with saber tooth tigers, so a world where the continents separate overnight is still not the least scientifically accurate thing this series has hit us with.  I know it’s a silly cartoon where Ray Romano is a mammoth, but still.  Kids watch this.  It’s hard enough to understand how amazingly old this planet is without stupid movies making it look like this stuff can happen over the course of a two hour movie.

But, anyway, what’s going on here? Pirates.  And the Tiger gets a girlfriend.  Did the sloth ever get a girlfriend?  I never watched the dinosaur one, so, maybe?  Oh, and the squirrel is still trying to hide that acorn.  Do people still find that funny?  Why doesn’t he just eat it?  Stupid squirrel.

  • yikes78

    I have no desire to see it.  Especially now that they have Nicki Minaj in it.  Can we get any more trashy than that?