Iconic Gay Superhero Misleading

Today it was revealed that the “iconic” superhero is none other than Green Lantern. Well, not the one you think it is. Alan Scott, formerly Golden Age Green Lantern and currently Earth 2 Green Lantern after the big reboot. I hadn’t even considered the old guard when thinking what DC meant by iconic. I’m not that surprised and the softballing of this event. And I concur with DC reps when they said that the media made this a bigger deal than they wanted it to be. Now he just needs to get married.


  • MeowSkywalker

    Sorry, DC, I’m not buying it. You can’t tell everyone an “iconic” hero is going to be gay, sit back and enjoy all the publicity, and then complain that the media blew it out of proportion. You created an imaginary news story, you don’t get to push the backlash off on someone else.