LEGO Lord of the Rings Trailer – No More Talking LEGOs!

Again. A LEGO game, where the LEGOs talk! Don’t do that! They’re not supposed to talk! When we got the LEGO Batman 2 trailer, I admitted that the voices in that game made a sort of sense. That game is telling a new story. That’s hard to tell through pantomime. So, okay, I’m willing to accept the voices in that game.

But this is that situation. This game’s retelling Lord of the Rings. We know the story of Lord of the Rings. We’ve all seen Lord of the Rings a million times. So that doesn’t work anymore. We can go back to telling the story through adorable pantomime, because we already know it. If something does get missed in translation, we already know what they’re talking about. We’re good. As much as I enjoy hearing a LEGO talk with the voice of Sean Bean, it still seems lazy.