Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut – Review

Before I actually review the expansion, an important note: I hate Origin. When I finally returned to Mass Effect 3 to download the DLC, the process ran but the game never actually opened. Reinstalling help fix it once, but then to fix it, I had to run Origin in offline mode. Since I had already spent a couple hours reinstalling and trying to fix a problem that shouldn’t need to be fixed, I jumped right to the end because I wanted to see what my ending looked like. Therefore, I skipped whatever other stuff got added at that point and don’t care to thanks to Origin.


So, because of that, I didn’t see a huge increase in content, but I do get a little closure from other parts of the galaxy like on the Asari and Krogan homeworlds. I’m not sure if the extra dialog trees with the glowing child thing were really necessary though. Were people really that unsure of what their choices would result in?

I ended up re-choosing my ending from the last playthrough and it felt pretty much the same. The scene in front of the memorial wall was nice touch, though I was upset to learn that choosing the destroy path that EDI had died. Totally didn’t think of that. Nice twist, Bioware. However, I doubt the validity that the universe was able to rebuild so easily after losing the Mass Relays or the Reapers. Oh well. Guess I should have chosen synthesis.


Overall, decision: not worth the effort Origin made me go through. Fuck you, Origin and ruining my favorite game so far this year. I was going to play some multiplayer, but nope. You lost me, mostly because I can’t physically do it because Origin is fucked up. As you were.