Mass Effect 3 Will Finally Give You the Ending You “Deserve” on Tuesday


Yup.  This Tuesday the Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” DLC will be available.  So you’ll finally be able to answer all those nagging questions.  Like, “What did Wrex say after that thing blew up?” And “What did Garrus say after that thing blew up?”  I really hope you’re not expecting a lot more than animal house style text on the screen describing what happened to your favorite characters.  Or, if you’re lucky, a classy Fallout voice over reading that text.  Clearly the endings themselves will not be changing in anyway.  That would be crazy talk.  You’re gonna get a few more specifics, but the galaxy was in a state that there’s not a lot of variation possible in those stories.  Unless you were happy with the original ending, I doubt you’re gonna be happy with the new one.

From Joystiq