Mass Effect Anime Will Be a Thing, Will Be Disappointing


I’ve pretty much avoided all the Mass Effect that wasn’t the games.  The comics, the error ridden novels, the ipad games, or any of the other stuff that came out of it that wasn’t the game.  Some of it made things confusing (Shepard killed a while shitload of Bartarians?  When did that happen?) but for the most part, it seemed like the correct decision, especially considering the reports I heard of their quality.  Still, a Mass Effect anime, that could be tempting.

I say “could” because while it’s theoretically possible that an anime based on Mass Effect could tempt me into the muddy waters of the extended universe, this is not going to be the one to do it.  This one’s about the back story if James Vega, the most ridiculously boring character the series has ever known.  I would rather listen to Ashley Williams talk about her family’s military history for hours before listening to James talk about anything.  His back story is the least appealing plot line a series could be about, even if they do bring Mr. Michelle Gellar back to choice him.

Although, if I were completely honest, I don’t care at all about the past.  I beat that story.  I want something new.  But considering how crazy different the universe would be if you chose a different ending than me, and how Bioware has already stated that there is no canon ending, that’s pretty much impossible.

In addition to that complaint, well, I just don’t think it looks very good.  Kotaku’s got some concept at, but it just seems wrong .  Vega looks like the stood meathead that he is, that’s fine.  But look at the Krogan.  Why does he look like that?  Why does he have a pointy chin?  I hate it. Not as much as I hate the Dragon Age anime , but lord it’s not good.

From Joystiq