Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes Heading To Mobile Devices, Because There Must Still Be People Who Haven’t Played This Game

Sure it’s available on the DS and the PS3 and the 360 and Steam. But maybe you don’t have access to any of those platforms. Or maybe you do, but you’re somehow foolish enough that you haven’t played the game? Well, here’s your chance to fix that ridiculous error. The game will be available on iOs and your various androids. And honestly, if you haven’t already got it on any of those other systems, you should really get it somewhere. Because it’s awesome. I mean, okay, the single player game can be a little broken at points, when it ignores the real game and tries to make you play some other, less fun version of the game. But the core gameplay is fantastic, and you’re not messing up by not playing it.

Let’s just hope there’s multiplayer in here. I know a bunch of android games kind of miss out on that. But this game without multiplayer would be a fantastic waste. Let’s make this happen.