Never Mind About That Shaun of the Dead LEGO Set


It was a beautiful dream but now it’s over.  The Shaun of the Dead LEGO set did get the necessary ten thousand votes, so congratulations, nerds.  Bad news is that LEGO still turned it down.  Turns out that flesh eating zombies and R-Rated movies are not the best license for a company that primarily sells to six to eleven year olds. 

Which, okay, that’s understandable.  They make toys for kids.  Romzomcoms are probably a little extreme.  But there are a lot of adults that love LEGO now.  Couldn’t they have another company?  A spinoff company with a new name, so they won’t hurt the LEGO brand, but that sells LEGO sets for grown ups?  That would be cool.  Certainly there’s a decent group that would buy that stuff.  Get on it, LEGO.