New Bond Game To Mix 6 Plots Together, End with Skyfall

Nothing sounds more convoluted than trying to merge six plots of six different bond movies together to try and create one cohesive game that ends with a movie that hasn’t been released yet. Yep, this is either going to be super awesome or super “what the hell did you do to my franchise?”

Alright, I’ll give you a sample plot line: 3 different orbiting satellites threaten Earth’s well-being, all with different laser type weaponry being controlled by 3 different arch-villains. Also, 8 nuclear bombs are being sent to America and Russia simultaneously in hopes of starting 3 cold wars. Meanwhile, a bomb in Fort Knox threatens to irradiate the money so that America won’t be able to stop any of that. So it’s up to Bond to fix it all by traveling to the Caribbean, the Swiss Alps, New York City, London, four islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and 3 separate trips to space. Ok. Let’s do this.