Oh, Screw You Sideways, Lionsgate

We’ve got release dates for the rest of the Hunger Gameses. Catching Fire is gonna be on November 22, 2013. No more bullshit March release dates for this series. We’re taking over where the Twilight is leaving off. You get that thanksgiving money, Hunger Games.

Unfortuantely, they’re also taking another page from the Twilight handbook, and splitting the last movie into two parts. Mockingjay Part One will be released November 21, 2014 and Part Two will be November 20, 2015. And that’s stupid. I mean, yeah, it’s great you get to lock up that weekend for three years in a row, keep whatever the hell Fifty Shades of Grey is from polluting my thanksgiving holiday. But, seriously, we need to stop breaking movies in half. This book does not have enough story for two movies. It barely had enough story for one book. We’re gonna have to sit through a Katniss training montage that’s, like, fourteen minutes long. We’re gonna spend half an hour in each movie with Katniss just thinking about which super awesome guy she should be in love with. That is not something I’m excited about seeing. Stupid Lionsgate. Finally get something that isn’t absolutely terrible, and you immediately run it into the ground. Brilliant.

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