Okay, What Is Going On With Iron Man’s New Suit?

Here’s Iron Man’s new suit. And… what? Why would it look like that? Did he co-design with Apple? So they needed it all white and shiny? Or is he a villain from an SNES shooter that already had his outer armor stripped away, leaving the exposed underbelly? He looks like a crab that someone stepped on, and all his squishy flesh is on display. I don’t like it.

In other, less terrible Iron Man news, here’s Robert Downey Jr showing up in the middle of an Iron Man costume contest for little kids.

That makes me feel a lot better about that weird photo.

Oh, and there’s no Box Office post this week, because of all the comic con news. But if you must know, Ice Age made too much money, and Spider-Man didn’t drop too badly. I doubt anyone cares that much, but I enjoy the idea that putting “Iron Man” and “Box Office” in the same post means that in a year from now someone searching for information on Iron Man 3′s box office will find this post. Hello, future man. Did the Iron Man suit look less terrible in action than it did in this photo?