People Who Think Muppets Promote Communism Are Jerks

This guy is clearly trying to be sensational, but I can’t help but be enraged by what he is saying. I couldn’t get past the 2-minute mark of the video. What Fox News Talking Head is saying is that the storyline of The Muppets features a villain named Tex Richman, an oil tycoon. Thus, as the Muppets triumph over said tycoon, it is sending an anti-oil and anti-capitalism message. He also wants stories about how oil helps people.

While you can certainly interpret the Muppets that way, what Mr. Jerkface doesn’t understand is that painting any corporation in a good light is bad storytelling. The most accessible storylines for a mass audience must have a someone who needs to overcome an obstacle, and the bigger the obstacle the bigger the payoff for the audience. There is little effort in defeating one struggling group of anti-oil puppets, but if that rag-tag group of misfits can defeat an oil tycoon, the success is that much sweeter. That is why the Halliburton story hasn’t been made, because it’s a dumb story.

The dumbest question in this video was asking if there was an Occupy Wall Street Muppet. You guys are clearly part of the problem. STOP IT, Jerks!