PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale Trailer – They Finally Added Jak and Daxter

If you worked up a Venn Diagram about “Characters that could be considered Playstation Mascots” and “Characters I Cared About” the little sliver of overlapping would pretty much just be Jak and Daxter. Don’t really care about Spyro or Crash, Kratos and Cole star in interesting enough games, but never evolve much past “angry guy that I make kill things” and Bioshock’s Big Daddy isn’t a goddamn Playstation Mascot. Bioshock was a Xbox/PC exclusive for a year. Even once it went mutliplatform, Playstation never had any major claim to the game.

Anyway, point is, there’s only one mascot I cared about out of the whole bunch. So of course they waited forever to announce him. Still, not really a selling point. Playing as Jak in a new game would be cool. But as much as I would like to have Jak beat up a number of characters that I’m barely aware of in what is clearly a not as good version of Smash Brothers, that’s still not enough to make me justify purchasing this game.