Sonic the Hedgehog Voted Best Sega Genesis Game – No One Surprised

As a part of fan voting for the best Sega Genesis game, no one was surprised to see that the entire Sonic franchise took the top honors. It’s like not seeing Zelda or Mario on a Nintendo list, it just doesn’t happen. The weird part is, most of the rest of the Top 5 were multi-platform franchises with Earthworm Jim, Super Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat 2, and Aladdin. That left most of the truly great exclusive titles near the bottom. Which leads me to believe that everyone just voted for the most recognizable games they could. This is probably more an indicator that not many people owned anything more than Sonic games on the Sega Genesis (note: probably not that inaccurate).

See the full list on Dorkly.

  • Anthony Barnaby

    God damn it when is someone going to give Rocket Knight some effing recognition?!?!

  • MeowSkywalker

    1: Where’s that guy made out of bubbles?  Vectorman! Remember when he was the biggest deal?  SEGA just tried to convince us he was going to be the next big thing?

    2. There was a Battletoads game on SEGA?  All I remember is the NES one.

    3. Five pages to countdown 25 titles, Dorkly? That’s obnoxious.