Super Monday Night Combat – Review

So, I was recently able to win a 3-on-1 match where I was the 1, so I feel I can speak about this now. Super Monday Night Combat is pretty awesome, especially for a free to play game. The video above pretty much explains the game, but there are a few more details.

Each week, a different set of pros become available for you to use, usually at least one from each category of pros (with the exception of sharpshooters, they haven’t been drawn yet). You have to pay or play a lot to unlock the rest of them (18 games and I’m halfway to the cheapest). I like Karl, the robot the thinks he’s a human, but I’ve tried at least half of them. The trick is you have to race your teammates to choosing your pro because you can’t double up on your team anymore, which would make more sense if there were more than 6 available for everyone.

You used to be able to collect products and endorsements with play style in the original, now they are random drops, but I think you can pay for them. You can probably tell when someone has paid for stuff because they can hit you with a Tommy Gun pretty accurately from 100 feet away.

The gameplay is streamlined in that you no longer have to build turrets, just defend them. Plenty of strategy involved in balancing between the two streams of bots and grabbing the annihilator. It’s free, so there isn’t much stopping you from playing.