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James Bond Games Pulled From Online Distribution

james bond jawsSomething happened and now you can’t buy any James bond licensed game anywhere… maybe eBay, they can’t really stop that. Actually, you could do some Amazon places. Definitely not Steam, they are pretty diligent about that. Anyway, it’s harder than it was before. So if you were really hankering to download 007 Legends then you are going to be sorely disappointed. Guess you could just go to eBay or Amazon, not really a big deal. They are probably just having a licensing issue. Everybody get back to work!


Skyfall Trailer Joins 007 Legends Lineup

Not that this game is doing well critically, you should be able to add to your game the Skyfall mission soon. Movie comes out today, so what better way to relieve it or get in the mood than by playing it out. Or you could just skip the whole game thing. Most of you will probably do that. I’m not sure how well it sold. Probably not as well as they would’ve liked. The movie will do well though, everyone is talking that up. To the cinemadome!

007 Legends Gets Bad Reviews, Reinvents Campy

The team behind 007 Legends have done a good job of hyping the game for release and well before the movie came out. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are liking it, mostly because of archaic game elements and how similar it is to Call of Duty. Also, these older movies modernized don’t play as interesting as when they were first released. Well, Kotaku went ahead and edited all of the silly parts of the Goldfinger mission together. I have a hunch that it is actually all of the non-combat segments. Silly game, silly writing, silly execution.

Goldfinger Last Piece of 007 Legends Puzzle

I should have known it was going to be Goldfinger. You can’t have a Bond game without Oddjob. Now you get to fist-fight him with quicktime events. That’s better, right? I’m really looking forward to this game. Not sure how long it will be since we are technically going to be playing through 6 movies. Is that really going to equal 15 hours of gameplay? Is that long for a shooter? I’m asking too many questions.

Actors Doing Voicework for Characters in 007 Legends

As far as I can remember, Jaws only had one line through two movies. But, if he has that one line then the original actor, Richard Kiel, will be delivering it. Before we move on, I am glad he’s still alive. He’ll be joined by Michael Lonsdale who played Hugo Drax. Both will be part of the Moonraker mission as part of 007 Legends.

I wonder if they could, use Oddjob for the Goldfinger mission. Unfortunately, that actor has passed, and had no lines. But I’d be curious what would happen, at least hear him throw a whirling bowler hat. HAT!


007 Legends Trailer – Another James Bond Post

I don’t care what anyone says, I really like the Goldeneye remake on the Wii. This trailer totally confirms that its being made by the same people. It’s difficult to hide it based on this trailer.

Moonraker is one of six retro missions available to James Bond in the upcoming 007 Legends game. I’m super excited. So excited that I might name my non-existent daughter something entirely inappropriate.