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It’s Kirby! Kirby Is Back!

Let’s be honest, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great game, but it’s not Kirby.   It’s a completely different game that they just jammed Kirby in at the last second to help sell.  We want some classic Kirby action.  And that’s what we’re getting in this new Kirby 3DS.  Hot Kirby Action.  Yeah.  This is getting a little creepy now.  Let’s just enjoy Kirby.

New Kirby Game Head For the 3DS

Kriby’s yarn game was a little different than the norm. Here’s a full return to Kirby with the new Donkey Kong Country feel. I’m really excited for some of the design choices here. However, Kirby looks a slow as a marshmallow rolling off an uneven table. Is he plodding so slowly so we can see the environments? It’s just a shame, because you juxtapose this to the new Super Mario trailer and this falls flat. It’s not even named yet. We’ll have to wait on this. And by wait, I mean I may not play it, of course.

New Pokemon Theme Song Remix With Pokemon Contest

I’m not a big fan of the remix here, so much as it is a good segway to something else. The Pokemon Company just revealed the Gotta Catch Em All contest. You search for codes (including one in the video above) and unlock Pokemon and digital stuffs by finding codes on other Pokemon related websites. I tried doing it correctly at first but it was harder than I thought. A simple Google search got me most of the codes off of two sites. Yes I’m a cheater, but I want to win a 3DS.

Go to Gotta Catch Em All to start playing or cheating.

Monster Hunter 4 Wins With Link Costume

For everyone that was only a Link costume away from actually wanting to play Monster Hunter, they have given you a Link costume. Only in Japan and on the 3DS, you might get a few converters, but Monster Hunter doesn’t need help in Japan. Now, an American release with a Link will certainly be helpful in getting new hunters, but then seeing 4 Links in multiplayer will be a little weird.

I Have to Confess That I Think I Want a 2DS

I was teetering on it, because I want a cheap portable system capable of playing 3DS games, 2DS might be my answer thanks to these guys unboxing one. It is just cheap enough to turn in my DSi and upgrade to the new generations and still afford Animal Crossing. I’m sure everyone is going to call me a 6-year-old, but I like saving money.

First How To Make Nintendo 2DS Video

I kind of want a 2DS, only because I don’t have a 3DS yet and this is quite a bit cheaper. Not as great for travel, but I hardly play while traveling anymore. I could always make my own just like Francis did. It’s a bit more expensive though, so keep that in mind.

Nintendo Direct Gets You Excited About All Sorts of Things

We already posted about the exciting yet prolonged release of Professor Layton x Ace Attorney, but Nintendo showcased a lot of games in today’s Nintendo Direct. The new Sonic, Rayman, Mario (Luigi), and Zelda games. Also, Nintendo keeps almost getting me to buy a 3DS just for Animal Crossing buy mitigating the problem of knowing very few people that carry around their 3DS with them. Oh, to be in a place with mass transit…

Dang It Japan, We Want New Chibi-Robo Too

You can’t keep all the Chibi-Robo to yourselves Japan.  Since that original GameCube game, we have received no more Chibi-Robos over here.  And that just won’t do.  Localize this game, get it over here.  I may be an incredibly lazy individual who care barely be bothered to clean his own house, but I desperately want to play a game where I’m a tiny robot forced to clean.  I can’t explain it.  But I wants it.  I needs it.  Bring it over!

No Cross Platform Smash Brothers

It’s sad. Despite the fact that the game is being released for both Wii U and 3DS, and cross platform play’s been such a big push this generation, with your Monster Hunters and the like, your WiiU and 3DS Smash Brothers will not be playing together. Apparently they connect… somehow. You’ll be able to trade characters or something. But you won’t be able to play your character on your 3DS while everyone else plays on the Wii U. Which is doubly sad. First because how cool would that be? Get your own screen and what not. But also because that means that’s one more Wii U Pro controller you’ll have to buy. You have considered that, right? No more GameCube controller. And you’re sure not going to want to play with a dumb old Wiimote and Nunchuck. So that’s two hundred dollars worth of Pro controllers you’re going to have to pick up. I suggest ordering from Amazon now, where it’s only forty bucks. I’m betting that price goes up the closer we get to Smash Brothers.

Nintendo Console History in Animated Form

I’m loving Nintendo again (except that I haven’t gotten the Club Nintendo coins for my Wii U yet, grr). That’s why I am so quick to share this cool animated montage of Nintendo past. Except it is very obviously missing the Virtual Boy. Not sure if it should have been excluded since it’s still part of Nintendo history. Oh, Virtual Boy. You gave such headaches.