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Finally, A Way to Purchase All the Elder Scrolls Games, for Those of You Who Haven’t Done That, Somehow

Do you desperately want to own all the Elder Scrolls Games, but somehow haven’t done that already? Good news for you! The Elder Scrolls anthology will include all five numbered games in the series, as well as all the expansions released for those games, along with a fancy box and some maps, all for the low, low price of eighty dollars. Which, assuming you’ve never purchased any of the titles in the series, and are also entirely incapable of waiting for the constant sales that all of these titles get on Steam, is a good deal. In the more likely scenario that you own at least one of the games in this series made in the last decade, well, the only reason to buy this box is if you’re willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for maps.

If you do want to pay too much for maps, it’s available for pre-order right now. Hope they’re worth it.

Free Elder Scrolls Game!

Ha, wonder if you really thought I was talking about Skyrim. Nope. However, if you want to try out where the Elder Scrolls series got its start, than you go ahead and download Elder Scrolls Arena right now! Sure it looks a little like Wolfenstein, but it was made in 1994 when all “3D” games looked like that. You wont play for more than 10 minutes, but you should at least appreciate gaming history, ya heard!

Download Elder Scrolls Arena at your leisure.