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Screw You Jeph Loeb. Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Cancelled, Ultimate Spider-Man Returns


We heard the rumors a couple of months ago and it appears they will come true.  We will be losing Earths Mightiest Heroes this season in exchange for Avengers Assemble, which is presumably the Ultimates based cartoon designed to link up with Ultimate Spider-Man that we were threatened with. 

Now, at first glance, it doesn’t seem that terrible.  Obviously after the Avengers made one gazillion dollars in theaters they wanted to get their cartoon closer to that.  So we’ll be getting a team that’s pretty much the one in the movie, except also with Falcon, because let’s be honest, that was a pretty white cast.  It’s still a show about the Avengers, right?  I’d like to say this isn’t bad news, but Earth’s Mightiest Heroes was good, and Ultimate Spider-Man is shit.  Why would we want to move the Avengers in that direction?

Meanwhile, Ultimate Spider-Man is coming back, because people clearly love Drake Bell Spider-Man.  People are idiots.

Come On, Guys! Don’t Do That! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Rumored to be Cancelled

Yeah. Comicbookmovie.com has some fairly decent evidence that this show is not going to make it to a third season. Instead it will almost certainly be replaced by an Ultimate version of the show, which will almost certainly not be called The Ultimates (because we want to tie it into the Avengers movie) and will almost certainly be aimed at a younger market (because the Ultimates was so famous for being kid friendly).

That’s terrible. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is one of the best shows Marvel has ever had. And we’re dropping it in exchange for something closer to the “tone” of Ultimate Spider-Man? The “tone” of Ultimate Spider-Man is bullshit. They had Venom on the show this week. Fourth episode. Venom. And not, like, the Symbiote. Spider-Man never wore it. Spider-Man never got rid of it. Eddie Brock never wore it. It was just evil goo that wanted to eat Spider-Man for whatever reason. That’s really shitty. I’m okay with some MAJOR changes to the story. I’m okay with with symbiote being man made. I’m okay with Eddie Brock being Peter’s friend, instead of his rival. I’m even okay with symbiote being designed by Peter’s parents (that one is stretching it, though). I’m okay with a lot of variation on the story. So when I complain about the fact that they completely ignored the human element, and just made it evil goo? That’s not hardcore fanboy afraid to let anything change. That’s just a stupid decision.

Wow, off topic. Point is, these folks should not be in charge of Spider-Man. Let alone ALL the super heroes. I dunno if we can fix it at this point, though. We could all watch like crazy. But the way it reads is that Jeph Loeb wants a new show, and he’s in charge. I don’t know that increased ratings are going to help. The synergy of having both their shows in the same universe, and having them both full of bullshit toys and short, one shot episodes that anyone could watch without having to know much backstory is probably too enticing. Crap.

And speaking of the whole “one shot vs serial” issue, well, those terrible X-Men cartoons were serialized. I remember watching those shows, and not knowing what was going on because I’d missed several episodes. But I watched anyway. Because kids are dumb. And they’ll watch anything. As a grown ass man watching cartoons, I want something with a little more depth than “there’s a bad guy, let’s fight it”. The first season had several multiepisode arcs that were just fantastic. Don’t get rid of that.

Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Trailer – Cause You Just Can’t Have Enough Avengers

More Avengers!  This is a good thing.  If you were to list all the tv shows based on Marvel properties that I enjoyed, the list would pretty much just be Spectacular Spider-Man and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  And maybe Super Hero Squad if I was drunk, or otherwise inebriated.  So, the return of this show is a good thing, especially after the loss of Spectacular Spider-Man (I know it’s been, like, three years, but I’m still not over it.  Let me be!).

That being said, there is singe weirdness in this show.  It seemed like we were introducing a new hero almost every episode.  Which is fine, I guess.  Except that the first episode was hundreds of villains escaping.  Who caught all those villains the first time?  And where did they come from? It seems like half the villains we have came about in response to the superheroes in the world.  With so few superheroes, where did all these super villains come from?  Odd.  And there was an episode that introduced Captain Marvel (the aliens, not the Shazam guy) and everyone thought the idea of aliens were ridiculous (actually, Carol Danvers thought that the fact that a scientist claimed an asteroid was “extra-terrestrial” was ridiculous, even though it was a fucking asteroid, and was, by definition, extra-terrestrial.  I don’t think the writers know what words mean sometimes) but so many villains are aliens.  How could they possibly have so many bad guys and still not know about alien life?

Whatever.  It’s a good show, even with it’s idiosyncrasies.  More if it is a good thing.