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Hey SimCity is Having A Short Closed Beta Period

This video showed up online that basically speeds through the tutorial portion of the new SimCity game. Does anyone else see random black boxes appearing as well as several seconds of just black? Hope it’s not just me. Anyway. Sign up for the closed Beta, if you want. I did. I want to play the crap out of that one-hour trial. Wait, it’s only an hour? Crap.

Hawken in Open Beta and the Destruction Begins

Yet another trailer, this time to commemorate the open Beta launch. Now anyone can jump into a cockpit and wreck havoc. Not all of the features are ready, but you still try out the combat and whatever else is there. Not since 1998 have I been this excited to play a mech game.

Play now at Play Hawken.

Now 25 Minutes of a Beta Tutorial from Chivalry

I don’t know many games that require 25 minutes of tutorial work, but when you have something this accurate looking it’s going to take some time to get used to. He almost died on the first guy that could’ve killed him. It looks like you are also actually aiming what parts of the body your weapons hit and how you are swinging the weapon. Some only partially new stuff, but it is still exciting… until you take an arrow to the knee. Yeah, I went there, SHUT UP!

Diablo 3 Beta Available to All Today

Hooray! Unlike some lucky people I never made it into the Diablo 3 beta. Despite the fact that I’ve invested more time in Diablo 2 than anything else in my life. The summer it was released, I don’t know if I slept. I might have just played that game straight through every night. Just Diablo 2 and midnight toonami. And then Diablo 2 and Comedy Central’s late night cartoon block. And then Diablo 2 and the Magic Knife infomercial. And then Diablo 2 and the Girls Gone Wild Infomercial (there’s not a lot to watch at 4am, and by that point I was usually invested in a big fight, didn’t have time for channel hopping, so it was a lot of “You’ll Never Believe How Crazy These Girls Get At The Laundromat!” Yeah, I don’t care, I’ve got that internet, I can get real porn. Shut up with the stupid voice)

Anyway, point is, I’ve never played Diablo 3. So you can bet I’m jumping on this BETA thing, happening all weekend. It’s server stress test thing, so you know it’s going to be all laggy and shit, but it’s Diablo 3. Who cares? You can You can download the client here and you can start playing at 12:00 Pacific time, which is… in an hour? Shit. Why am I at work?

From Joystiq