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Dragon Age Inquisition Is Going to Raise So Many Hopes

They call this a dev diary, but it acts more like a hype video. “We don’t have gameplay footage yet, but doesn’t this sound awesome?” is what they’re trying to get across. I am excited for the possible gameplay options here and that they spent a lot more time thinking about this one. There seems like quite a few exciting possibilities by being in charge of an inquisition. Moral quandaries, a staple in the first game, not as much in the second, should abound. Just like the real Inquisition, which wasn’t cool at all. Those monks were means.

Bioware’s Founders Retire to Drink Beer, Bioware Will Continue to Make Mass Effects


Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, founders of Bioware, are stepping down, almost exactly five years after EA bought the company, which is… suspicious.  I’m sure they’re just both tired of making games at the exact same time, and not fulfilling some contract that they signed when the company was purchased ensuring they would both stay on fire five years.  Total coincidence.  Muzyka will be entering the amazingly vague field of “entrepreneurship” for… stuff.  He wasn’t entirely clear on what he would be entrepreneuring, but you know something’s getting all sorts of entrepreneured.  Meanwhile, Zeschuk is spending his retirement doing something more logical, drinking beer.  Specifically he’ll be drinking beer to discuss it for a web series about craft beers.  That’s cool, but you know what would be cooler?  Just enjoying the beer.  You created Bioware, man.  You can just coast.  Just drink the beer and don’t work.  That seems like the way to go.

But don’t worry about Bioware.  They’ve got plenty of irons in the fire.  There’s that new Dragon Age we heard about yesterday, some sort of new something that hasn’t been announced yet, and a new Mass Effect.  Yes, Mass Effect.  Bioware isn’t letting the retirement of their founders or the fact that Mass Effect is, you know, finished get in the way of giving you more damn Mass Effect.  Awesome.

From Joystiq

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut – Review

Before I actually review the expansion, an important note: I hate Origin. When I finally returned to Mass Effect 3 to download the DLC, the process ran but the game never actually opened. Reinstalling help fix it once, but then to fix it, I had to run Origin in offline mode. Since I had already spent a couple hours reinstalling and trying to fix a problem that shouldn’t need to be fixed, I jumped right to the end because I wanted to see what my ending looked like. Therefore, I skipped whatever other stuff got added at that point and don’t care to thanks to Origin.


So, because of that, I didn’t see a huge increase in content, but I do get a little closure from other parts of the galaxy like on the Asari and Krogan homeworlds. I’m not sure if the extra dialog trees with the glowing child thing were really necessary though. Were people really that unsure of what their choices would result in?

I ended up re-choosing my ending from the last playthrough and it felt pretty much the same. The scene in front of the memorial wall was nice touch, though I was upset to learn that choosing the destroy path that EDI had died. Totally didn’t think of that. Nice twist, Bioware. However, I doubt the validity that the universe was able to rebuild so easily after losing the Mass Relays or the Reapers. Oh well. Guess I should have chosen synthesis.


Overall, decision: not worth the effort Origin made me go through. Fuck you, Origin and ruining my favorite game so far this year. I was going to play some multiplayer, but nope. You lost me, mostly because I can’t physically do it because Origin is fucked up. As you were.

Mass Effect 3 Earns 1.5 Hours of Theorizing

The Indoctrination Theory is what a lot of Mass Effect 3 players have created to justify their experiences and outrage and feelings towards the ending of the space opera. His arguments are cogent, but like a couple commenters have said can be explained by progamming and design shortcuts by Bioware and EA. Actually, I only got 15 minutes in before I had to leave for work, so I’ll absorb the rest of the theory some other time. Sorry, dude, TLDNL.

More Free Mass Effect 3 DLC

Bioware really wants to keep their fans happy. To that end, more free DLC! Sure, it’s just multiplayer, but I really like the multiplayer. You can see all the cool new things being added in the video which includes Geth, Batarians, Krogan Vanguard, a different kind of Asari Adept, new maps, new weapons.

Say, Bioware, you know what would make me, a Mass Effect fan, really happy? A new car. I sure could go for a new car. Mass Effect 3 doesn’t have a new car…

Star Wars The Old Republic Trial Weekend

In what is probably a sense that Star Wars gaming figures dropped when Mass Effect 3 came out, EA and Bioware have decided to compete with themselves and offer a free weekend of Star Wars the Old Republic.

You can play any class, but are limited to the origin worlds and your faction’s homeworld. However, you have unlimited play time from Thursday/Friday at midnight until 2 AM on Monday to play all of the limitations handed to you.

Enjoy staying at home this weekend.

Children Voiceover Hilarious in Dragon Age 2 Charity Video

Great idea, BioWare! As part of a charity drive for Children with Cancer, BioWare auctioned off an experience that included a tour of BioWare Edmonton, a character design, and the participation in the video above. They raised a $15,500. Not a bad video either.

Also no one should be surprised that when children have the opportunity to create their own characters, the party would be filled entirely with Qunari and Elves.

Via The Escapist

EA Fights Own Brand With Command and Conquer Tiberium Alliance

I’m not sure the point of this. The just announced Command & Conquer Generals 2, and now EA is pumping out Tiberium Alliance, another Command & Conquer game. This time it will be a free to play strategy MMO. So while it is nice they are delving into that business model, it’s back to the GDI and NOD universe, which was my least favorite. But to compound that, it’s going to be browser based, which indeed least favorite as well. Since Generals won’t be until 2013, maybe this is an appetite whetter. Close Beta begins tomorrow, so we will see. Meanwhile, I’ll be wallowing in the Humble Bundle.


BioWare Finally Making Command & Conquer Generals 2

Not since 2003 have we seen any sign of more content from the Command & Conquer Generals Franchise. It is finally upon us. This teaser trailer was debuted at the VGA awards Saturday night as the new BioWare game. I am super excited. C&C needs a boost and BioWare has the reputation to kick it up. Needs more lasers though. Generals was all about the lasers.

Watch Some Mass Effect 3 Combat Gameplay Footage

Bioware is so popular, they have their own webseries on their games. Some cool new stuff going on. Enjoy the spoiler-type stuff in the video. They also re-run down the Collector’s Edition which I will definitely be purchasing. If only those hoodies weren’t sixty bucks then I would have one of those as well. Anyone want to donate one to me?