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Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer – I Guess They’re Gonna Hunger Games Again

The series is called “Hunger Games” so you probably knew where this was headed. But, yeah, they’re going back into the Hunger Games again. Spoiler alert. Otherwise they’re going to do some more wandering around, showing off for people. Maybe some dresses will light on fire. Gale will continue to be the only sane voice, arguing for a rebellion against the evil empire, but no one else will listen and continue attempting to appease a bunch of sociopathic assholes. Just about what you’d expect.

Looks Like Katniss Has Moved On to Dragon Slaying


Destabilizing tyrannical governments is nice and all, but given a choice between that and slaying a dragon, obviously the latter takes precedence.  And judging from this latest Hunger Games: Catching Fire poster, that is precisely what’s happening.  This is not “Fighting a revolution against a technologically advanced enemy” art work.  This is “I’m gonna go shoot a dragon in the eye!” art work.  Which I think we can all agree is an odd direction for the series to go, but anything is better than Katniss moping around and whining about how evil the capitol is but not actually doing anything about it for another dang movie, right?  So bring on the dragons.

Alright Folks, Time to Pick Your Team

I mean, you could be forgiven if you didn’t choose Team Peeta or Team Gale last time. Gale was in the movie for eight seconds, and spent most of that time just looking at things and being sad. And Peeta’s big achievement is lifting a heavy thing once. Otherwise he just sort of lays around, and gets rescued by Katniss. Which, while nice for eschewing standard gender roles, doesn’t really make him that great a contender in the Team Whatever competition.

But that time is past. There’s no more time to wait. This is the second movie. You can’t sit on the fence any longer, or else you’re going to go into the third movie way behind in your fandom. No one wants that. So, choose a side. The annoying bread kid, who wants to spend his days painting pretty pictures. Or awesome Thor Jr, who’s attempting to topple a tyrannical regime. Tough choices.

Katniss Pretends She’s a Bird


So, the last movie didn’t really explain it that well, but there’s this whole subtext (that eventually becomes text) about how Katniss is metaphorically the Mockingjay.  No one actually bothered explaining the Mockingjay’s backstory in the movie, so the metaphor didn’t make a lot of sense.  Still, it gets pretty important in the latter movies, so we’re going to just push forward with it, regardless.  Hence this ridiculous outfit, with Katniss dressed up as some sort of Bird/Angel.  Just the right level of creepy

Stanley Tucci Continues to Have Ridiculous Hair in Catching Fire

Once again Stanley Tucci will appear as Caesar Flickerman (yeah, I know. I wish I didn’t have to read that name either) in the next Hunger Games movie. And once again his hair will attempt to steal all the attention. This time it’s going to compete heavily with his ridiculous suit as well. Basically the moral is that the future is just a million kinds of dumb. And full of incredibly unsubtle references to Rome.

Catching Fire’s Newest Poster Isn’t Much for Metaphor

“Isn’t Catching Fire just referencing the fact that the revolution we saw started in the first movie is building?”
“No, it’s a literal fire.”
“Oh, that’s… okay. And why the pin? I don’t understand why it’s so important.”
“See, that’s because we didn’t bother explaining the backstory of the damn bird, so it’s relation to Katniss is tenuous at best. For now we’re going to go with ‘She likes that pin’.”

There Were Horses and a Man on Fire and I Killed a Guy With a Trident!


From Entertainment Weekly is this new shot of Katniss and… Trident Guy?  Fish guy?  I don’t remember his name.  But he’s got a Trident, isn’t that all that really matters?  Meanwhile, Katniss continues to look angry with arrows.  That’s her thing, she’s sticking with it.


And here he is putting the moves on Katniss, apparently attempting to make her comfortable by simulating a quiver.  “I know you can’t wear it now, and that’s freaking you out.  But just imagine me full of arrows.  That should make you feel better.”  Bread kid and Thor Jr are not going to be happy about this turn of events.

Gail Coming Back to Sin City, James Bond’s Favorite CIA Agent a Crazy Old Man in Hunger Games

Rosario Dawson Sin City

Rosario Dawson confirmed she’s back for Sin City 2.  It’s not exactly “news” since we knew they were doing A Dame to Kill For, and Gail’s pretty important for that.  It’s more just “Oh, my god this is actually happening, oh my god, Sin City 2.”  The Dwight/Gail stories are my favorite, even over Marv’s insanity (although this features Marv as well, so, best of both worlds) so seeing that done is filling me with intense joy.  Now if they could just do Family Values.

Oh, shit, I just realized Michael Clarke Duncan just died.  Who’s gonna play Manute?  Balls.

Jeffrey Wright

In other vaugely exciting casting news, Jeffery Wright, who starred in the last two Bond movies as well as other stuff, I’m pretty sure, will be playing Beetee, the crazy trap making ex-champion from District… something, in Catching Fire.  He seems damn near perfect to me, but be prepared for a bunch of people to announce loudly that he’s terrible, because it turns out that a lot of people are still racist assholes.

Bad News For People Who Hated CG Dogs, I Am Legend Director Hired for Catching Fire


Yeah, I know you hated the CG dogs.  We all hated the CG dogs.  I mean, admittedly they were still better than the book, which had goddamn werewolves, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t an awkward, unfortunate moment in what was otherwise a pretty decent movie. 

But, shit, now Francis Lawrence is directing the sequel.  He directed Water for Elephants, which starred Robert Pattinson, so he has a tenuous link to movies based on obscenely popular young adult novels.  But he’s more famous for directing I Am Legend, which was just chock full of shitty CG dogs.  Maybe that’s hire he got hired.  “The most common thing I’ve seen mentioned about our movie in the twittersphere is ‘shitty CG dogs’.  I didn’t look in to the context, but clearly they resonated with our audience.  Get me a director that knows shitty CG dogs!”  We’ve got just the man for you.  Bonus, he directed Constantine, so he knows a thing or two about “adapting” a property until it’s unrecognizable.  Yeah, this is the dude we want making our Hunger Games sequel.

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