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Ron Burgundy Tries to Sell Me a Car

Not sure why Ron Burgundy, or Will Ferrell for that matter, is selling cars. And with several iterations on how you should by a Dodge Durango. This particular one has a staring contest with a horse. It more makes me want to buy a horse than a car.

Toy Story of Terror Has a Commercial Now

Toy Story is coming back, just in time for Halloween. That was weird to type. Here’s the spot that’s probably going to be playing on your TV a whole lot until it airs. Hope you like the T-Rex yelling.

Need More Commercials Like This

You don’t see many of these on TV. But it’s one of the better commercials only for what it appears to be and then what it turns into. It makes fun of the bad version of itself. And isn’t our world better for it?

Two Spocks One Audi Commercial

This thing got popular very quickly. When you have both actors who played Spock occupying the same point in time, people take notice. What’s even better is how amazing Leonard Nimoy is. Why hasn’t he done comedy before? Seems like you could’ve gotten work. That Bruno Mars music video would prove that, too. Doesn’t make me want to buy an Audi, but I sure can appreciate their marketing team for coming up with this one. Now we wait and see how they get an Audi product placement into Star Trek.

Nintendo Commercials Are Bad Again or Still

I’d like the Wii U to succeed as much as the next guy, maybe more so, but these commercials Nintendo are excruciating. I assume these were made in a market research lab where they are trying to reach the bottom tier of consumer zombies in an attempt to convince them that this is not just a black Wii. Perhaps they should have named it different or made the U not look like it is hiding. I don’t think I’ve seen such masked acting since the Prism TV commercials. They are totally actors. Shut up, kid, go back to doing background work.

Wii U Commercial Taken Down For Being Misleading

You could really take that title out of context if you really dislike the Wii U, or how it’s done, or whatever. Apparently, after just one complaint about not being able to play every game on the gamepad without the TV, it’s considered misleading and taken down in the UK. The Brits have a pretty strict censorship policy. But I think we are all relieved that we longer have to hear a British guy make his own sound effects for the Ninja level of Nintendo Land.

For a more eloquent recap of what happened, go to Kotaku

American Wii U Commercial Way Better Than British Version

If you remember our post about UK Wii U commericals, then you are probably excited to see something less drab for the North American advertising launch of Wii U. Bright colors, swooping shots of people in their living room, explosions, all standard fare for commercials. See UK? This is how it’s done.

Nintendo Has Another Bad Commercial, This One For Professor Layton

I just don’t think this is the best way to promote Professor Layton. I mean, I guess the point was that she dropped everything she was doing to help her sister solve a puzzle, but Penelope Cruz is a well-off actress that can probably dictate shooting schedules. That fits into no more than 100 or so famous actors. You shouldn’t be doing that. However, I love all the Layton games and will still encourage those that haven’t played them to try it out, but come one Nintendo, be more creative.

Nintendo Wii U Commercial More Fail Than Needed

I guess the two weird Japanese guys in a smart car are too busy to continue doing commercials for Nintendo. Instead, they decided to do the least amount of work possible by simply saying everything you can do with the new console. Luckily, this will only air in the UK, I don’t think American audiences would be able to handle the mediocrity of such a commercial, especially a long time darling like Nintendo is. I never thought I’d miss creepy Japanese guys in a smart car.

New Lincoln Trailer Debuted During the Debates

If you are anything like me, you didn’t watch the Presidential Debates and thus did not see this brand new TV spot for upcoming Lincoln biopic… Lincoln. Quite a cast has been assembled here including Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Tommy Lee Jones, combined with titular star Daniel Day Lewis, they are just a James Earl Jones away from some of the greatest three named actors in history in a movie about history. There’s also Sally Field. She is good as well.