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And Here’s Alison Brie Performing Your Favorite Memes

Mad Men and Community’s Alison Brie recreates several memes, because really, if there’s one thing the internet loves more than ridiculously overused memes, it’s Alison Brie. If they had the actual grumpy cat in this video, instead of just a picture, we could basically just turn off the internet, there’d be no real reason to continue. Sadly, she has only a picture, so the quest that is the internet must continue.

Community Trailer – Magnitude, No!

Community’s back on Thursday! That means more trailers, showing all our favorite jokes from previous trailers! The Hunger Deans! The “Remember when this show was about Community college” thing. Other bits that you’ve seen before and enjoyed, so let’s see them again.

Also, they flat out broke Magnitude. That’s just sad. How could you do that?

This Sneak Peek Provides a Look At What We Can Expect in Community’s Fourth Season

More movie parodies, apparently.  Who saw that coming?

Oh, and they’re holograms.  That’s a twist.  Find out more on October 19th, which has apparently been rescheduled to February 7th. That’s nice, right?

Hey There Are Community Cast Members Doing Freestyle Rap

Don’t really care how this happened, more questioning why Allison Brie is able to at least moderately freestyle rap. Hey, raise of hands here, who wishes Community was back already and we weren’t waiting on something. I forget what we were waiting on. Ugh, more please.

Community More Apologies With Halloween Choose Your Own Adventure Video

Community missed their supposed premiere, and previously apologized to us by wearing skimpy clothes and doing ridiculous burlesque routines. Now they give us a choose-your-own-adventure video adventure based on their previous Halloween episodes.

Go to NBC Community Halloween or Community’s Facebook page to get in on the action.

Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs would Like to Apologize About the Community Delay

We learned on Friday that Community will still premier on October 19th, but, unfortunately we’re not entirely sure when that will be.  It’s complicated.  But to make up for it, here’s Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs doing a burlesque number.  You’re welcome, internet.  Let’s keep delaying the show forever, if this is what we’re going to get in exchange.

Community Will Be Back… Sometime

Community season four is happening.  It’s been moved to Friday night, because somehow despite it being run against The Big Bang Theory it still had enough viewers that cancellation is tricky.  So, now we’re doing it in Friday, so in a few months we can point at the numbers and say “Look at the drop off!  Now we have to cancel it, because you aren’t watching!” Fox followed a similar process with Arrested Development.  Despite their best efforts, somehow people were still watching the show.  But jam it on Friday night ratings are guaranteed to plummet, and you’ve got all the excuse you need to kill the show.

Of course, that’s only half the process.  The other is randomly rearranging schedules and air times so no one even knows when to look for the show.  Again using a tactic that worked so well on Arrested Development, we’ve decided that October 19 will not be the premier date of the new season, despite stating earlier that it would be.  That’s the sort of confusion that turns off a long time viewer and creates the opening you’re looking for.  Soon we’ll be able to allocate that money to a reality show about an ice cream store that’s just full of interpersonal conflict.  Much better investment.

Community Supercut Actually a Little Erotic

So, someone made a supercut remix of most of Allison Brie’s gasps on Community. A little strange, and a little fixating. Then you watch it and you realize you accidentally got aroused. This better not just be me. Going, I dare you not to get turned on by this. IT WILL HAPPEN!

Someone Made the Community Video Game from That One Episode

I’m sure it doesn’t have the same capacity to the anything you want and the fact that they turned it around in about a month means that its going to be simple. However, it’s not even version 1 at the time of this writing so it should be exciting to see how much of the game makes it into a final version. Or if someone stops it.

Download the game and play already.

Joel McHale Helps Nintendo Make a Good Commercial

I think only Joel McHale has the ability to deliver the lines in this commercial deftly enough to be right on target. Another reason why Community is way better than Big Bang Theory. Lets see those nerds pull off McHale’s machismo. They can’t because they are nerds.