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More Glorious Community Returnings

Yesterday, I posted the first Community animated webisode. Now they lay this on us. They really know how to hype you. I am super-hyped!

The Glorious Return of Community


I’m excited. First of three webisodes of Community to get us ready for its glorious, glorious return. Huzzah!

Community Returns in March!

Community’s coming back on March 15th. Hooray! It’s still gonna be stuck in that ridiculous 8:00 PM time slot. Less hooray. And we’re gonna lose Parks and Rec until Up All Night’s season ends. Even less hooray. I could totally lose either The Office or Up All Night before Parks and Rec. But I guess they have a shorter season, so it makes more sense to place them in the post-Office time slot? I dunno. It’s more complicated than I like to think about. It’s easier to complain about things that annoy me than figure out why. Either way, new Community episodes coming soon. Let’s get people to actually watch the show, so we get another damn season.

And, in other weird Community news, the guy that plays Inspector Spacetime thinks that an actual Inspector Spacetime show should actually exist. That’s a weird thing to think, but shit, that seems like an okay thing to want to happen. So he’s making a webseries based on the imaginary show within a show. And when I say “he’s making” I literally mean “he’s making”, because the producers of Community actually have nothing to do with it. Or, at least, he will, if his Kickstarter gets funded. So, maybe you can make that happen.

If Community Was Street Fighter

I miss Community.

I think they need to make a Community fighting game with these sprites until it comes back.

Yes, that will be the perfect way to spend time until the show (hopefully) returns.

They are missing E Honda though. They should make Starburns as E Honda. There, done.

Needs One More “Cool”

The world needs more nerdy Community t-shirts. I mean, we love the nerdy Harry Potter and Star Wars t-shirts (and I think I own them all) but you need some variation occasionally. So, here’s a Community/Calvin and Hobbes mashup, available over at Teefury for the rest of the day.

The only problem is that Abed’s catchphrase is “Cool. Cool. Cool, cool, cool”. He’s missing a cool! How could you make such an obvious mistake? You’re making female artist week look bad!

Donald Glover Paints a Dark Picture of a World Without Community

See.  We need Community.  I hadn’t realized it had gotten so bad.  We need to get it on the air now.  Because he’s right.  30 Rock and Parks and Rec aren’t the same.  And notice how he doesn’t even mention The Office.  Because no one likes the Office.  I even took it off my TIVO.  And Up All Night seems like a funny show, but I just can’t watch a rational Will Arnett.  I’ve seen him playing broken people for so long that seeing him be normal seems wrong.

And fuck Whitney.  That’s just terrible.

Community Needs Saving

Community is on a hiatus. One solution is to switch time slots with The Office, so that it has to compete with Big Bang Theory instead. Make it my Channukah wish that Community is saved. Here’s some videos to tug at your heart strings.

Donald Glover is awesome by the way.

Just Another Reason to Love Community

You’ve probably already seen this already, since it’s all over the internets.  But still, it’s so fantastic I have to share it.  Over the course of three seasons Community has said “Beetlejuice” three times.  And check out what happens right behind Alison Brie’s head the third time.

Hell yeah.  That’s a three season set up for a background joke.  That’s writing.  In comparison, Big Bang Theory can’t maintain a joke for a whole scene, so guess which one of these will still be on the air come this winter?

Yeah.  It’s depressing.

Community Removed from Mid-Season, but “Not Cancelled”

NBC released it’s midseason line up. And Community is notably absent. Thursday nights will now be filled with 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, The Office and then Up All Night. Whitney will move to Wednesday, which is great, because now my odds of accidentally seeing a few minutes of that show will go way down, radically improving my week.

But no Community. According to Hollywood Reporter “sources” claim that the show isn’t cancelled. But being removed from the line up is a bad sign. I haven’t seen Up All Night, so I can’t tell if it deserves to be cancelled, but Whitney is just terrible. And The Office hasn’t been great for years. But yet, they both continue. While a fantastic show like Community gets benched.

But hey, at least 30 Rock is coming back, right?

First Image of the New Total Recall Looks Suspiciously Like a Paintball Game Gone Wrong

Alright. We’ve got the Colin Farrell. So far, so good. He’s dressed like a mannequin from the Gap. Which, I guess, if you’re going to overthrow a fascist regime on Mars, why not be comfortable, right? Okay. Then we’ve got that robot. I think it’s supposed to be arresting him, but it looks more like it’s getting ready to give him some sort of blow job. And those dudes. With the armor? I’m sure they’re supposed to evoke stormtroopers. And I’m sure that will be even more obvious during the movie, when they’re gunned down en masse, despite all their cool armor.

But really, all I can see is the dudes wearing paintball gear from Community’s season finale.


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