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Arkham Origins Gives Up On a New Joker, Just Says “Eh, Do the Mark Hamill Voice Again”

It’s an awkward situation. Basically no animated Joker is going to be “The Joker” unless he’s voiced by Mark Hamill. Doesn’t matter how awesome the performance is, it’s always going to be “Not Mark Hamill.” Those are some difficult shoes to fill. Then, you have to add in the fact that this is the third game in a series that already had Mark Hamill voice the character twice.

So, the solution when casting Troy Baker in the role? Screw it, just do the exact same voice. Like, dead on, don’t change an thing. Just do an impersonation of Mark Hamill voicing The Joker. Avoid the temptation to add your own spin to the character, just give us the same voice we’ve had for the last two decades. So that’s what we’re getting. Here he is performing a monologue from The Killing Joke in the totally just Mark Hamill voice, which I’m sure is super exciting for folks that don’t kind of hate The Killing Joke.

I Like the Bits Where She Hits Folks – Rainfall Films Suggests Maybe Wonder Woman Doesn’t Have to Be Terrible

I don’t know what it is about Wonder Woman, but for some reason people find it impossible to portray her as anything but a fantastic joke when she’s in live action.  She’s referred to as one of the DC Big Three, making her basically and equal of Batman and Superman, but no one’s been willing to spend the time or energy to maybe make her into the giant superstar that Batman and Superman are.  The best we’ve got is a seventies tv show that’s more well known for the clothes she wore than the character, and an ABC show that was so bad they produced two pilots and still didn’t greenlight the show, and they greenlit “No Ordinary Family.”

So, yeah, to prove that “Hey, you guys are all kinda dumb” Rainfall Films has slapped together this little video to show that, yes, you can actually make Wonder Woman look good in film.  And this is just a little independent film.  Imagine what you could do with an actual special effects budget.  She could be in a movie.  With action.  And wearing clothes that don’t most closely resemble a bathing suit.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

NBC Gets a Constantine Series, and It’s From David Goyer, Because Screw You, Internet


That’s right.  Because the news that NBC was gonna take another crack a live action Constantine, despite the awesome critical response that the Keanu Reeves movie received just wasn’t enough to send the internet into a raging frenzy, they’ve decided to let the internet’s favorite whipping boy David Goyer write the pilot.  So, get ready for that pilot to find a theme it likes and run it into the ground.  So hardcore.  If the show wants you to believe commercialism is bad, expect to hear some variation of the word “commercialism” used more than 400 times in the 42 minutes the show has available.  Subtlety is not this man’s strong suit. 

But to be fair, who else were they going to hire?  DC’s entire rolodex for screen writers is a beat up card saying “David Goyer” and a card in Christopher Nolan’s handwriting that just says “My Brother.”  Not a lot of options there.

From Comingsoon

Fox Gives Us Essentially Batman: Year One: The Series


Back when we first got wind of Batman Begins, most folks assumed it would be an adaptation of Year One.  And while, yeah, they took a couple of bits from that series, it couldn’t really ever be an adaptation of Year One isn’t really about Batman.  It’s a story about a young James Gordon, with Batman just happening to be around.  It’s clearly Gordon’s story from beginning to end.  Even the animated movie recognized this, casting Walter White as Gordon and some dude from the OC as Batman.

So Fox has taken the next logical step, and created a series just about Gordon.  Called Gotham, it’s about a young James Gordon fighting against the pure awful that is the standard day to day in Gotham.  Batman won’t appear at all, though it’s not clear yet if that means Batman isn’t active yet, or if it means Batman is going to be that mysterious force in the background he was before he started teaming up with Gordon.  Though the fact that the series is supposed to include familiar Batman villains implies the latter, since half of them wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for Batman.  But either way, we can be certain he won’t interact with Gordon at all.  And by “At All” they, of course, mean “Until the first sweeps week.”  Cause that’ll give you a ratings bump.

From Comingsoon

Dress Up In Batman’s Most Ridiculous Costumes, Only On PlayStation

If you’re just chomping at the bit to play as Adam West Batman or Jean-Paul Valley’s ridiculous glowing suit from the Knightfall series, but only own a 360, bad news for you.  Those costumes are only available on PS3.  You’ll be stuck playing only with the costumes that don’t look ri-goddamn-diculous.  Sorry about that.  Or, your welcome, depending.

Arrow Provides More Arrow Shooting Action

As in, arrows will be shot at people.  Arrow himself will probably not be shot.  Or, well, yeah, he probably will be at some point, because he’s fighting men carrying machine guns with a bow and arrow.  But this commercial doesn’t show that.  Just him shooting arrows at folks.  This would all be much simpler to discuss if he could choose a name that wasn’t also his primary source of ammunition.

Let’s Start the Angry Arguments About Batman’s Voice All Over Again

Presumably to distract people from the fact that they’re still grumpy about Ben Alleck-Man, this little tidbit from The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray has snuck out. Ostensibly it’s just about the casting process for Batman, but you know it’s just going to create a whole new wave of “Listen to his voice there! Why couldn’t keep it like that? Why’d they have to make it all super extra gravelly?” You’ll have to hear all over again how that voice ruined the series. How Batman isn’t even scary anymore because a massive man wearing armor and threatening your life Judy isn’t acai because his voice is more gravely than it should be.

And as an extra bonus: Hear Christopher Nolan act like Christian Bale’s decision to give Batman a different voice than Bruce Wayne was a huge revelation and not what Batmanj The Animated Series had been doing for over two decades when this screen test was done.

DC Seems Like He Has Been Hit On Hard Times

This is a little awkward, but any Marvel vs DC arguments are awkward in general. There’s a surprise cameo at the end. This is a pretty good analogy, though DC fans will believe that their avatar is being more of a jerk than he needs to be. But listen up, he’s not.

Try Very Hard Not to Respond With a Knee Jerk Reaction to the News that Flash is Some Glee Guy


The fact, unfortunately, can’t be disputed.  The Flash that will appear on, minimum, three episodes of Arrow, but possibly a whole tv show just for him, is some dude from Glee.  His name is Grant Gustin and he played a character on Glee named… oh god… Sebastian Smythe.

Now, yeah, this sounds terrible.  This is something that we all want to curl up and die when we hear.  But back up.  First of all, he was only in seven episodes.  He’s not a star or anything.  Second, I’ve never seen him, so he might be the best ever.  The fact that he was on Glee hurts that theory, but never having watched more than half an episode of the show at a time, I may not be the best person to critique it.  But mostly, well, casting Stephen Amell as Green Arrow seemed like a huge practical joke, but he ended up being pretty good, right?  Maybe the same sort of surprise will happen with this dude.  Hopefully.

Dang it.

From The Hollywood Reporter

Animated Batman With Muse Soundtrack

This kick-ass (albeit older) Muse song makes everything awesome. Not that this “animation” or Batman needed any help. A labor of love no way associated with DC, a really quick adventure of Batman saving a little girl from Joker. I saw the ending coming, but it was good nonetheless. A Gotham Fairytale is one of the better fan projects I’ve seen, and I salute you, Mauricio Abril. You belong in the fan art hall of fame. If there was a thing. You could do that, and watercolor the logo.