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Escape from Tomorrow Trailer – I Am So Very Intrigued

Ok, you officially have my attention, Escape from Tomorrow. How did you manage to film inside Disneyland(world?) and create something so cool looking and not at all confiscated? Also, what the hell is actually happening in the movie? There are WTF’s flying everywhere in my head. And if Disneyland has not endorsed it, how is it still being released? Are they somehow okay with it being out there even though it wasn’t filmed with their permission? Should I do some research before I keep asking more questions? NO! I want the trailer to tell me. TELL ME, TRAILER!

Disney Rubs Darth Vader in Our Faces With Disneyland

Not that Disney hasn’t had a Star Wars presence before. Now they really are going to start adding Star Wars in thanks to the events of the past couple days. I’m not sure why they needed to have Darth Vader start having fun in the happiest place on earth, but they made the video. Actually, I think that’s an old video they re-purposed just to rub it in our faces.

2012′s First Star Wars Dance-off Video, Still Hate It

I guess this is supposed to be fun, but I can’t help but hate what is going on here. It just feels like the cheesiest writing and premise possible put in front of a bunch of children and parents. But they are Star Wars characters, so I guess it mitigates my hatred into irritation that this even exists and continues to exist over the years. Or maybe I just wish I was tall enough to play Chewbacca.

Tokyo Disney Is Apparently Some Sort of Truman Show

This poor girl. She’s been trapped in a Disneyland her entire life. I love Disneyland as much as the next guy, but some point you just want to go home. She’s forced to live her entire life there, meeting a man, having a child who’s theoretically trapped in the same terrible fate, and then eventually growing old and dying bathed in the light from the Main Street Electrical Parade.

Thanks a lot Disney. I haven’t seen you exert so much direct control over a girl since Christina Aguilera. And look how that turned out. Let her go, Disney. Maybe she can meet a guy and get married without Chip and Dale being part of the wedding party? Just saying.

Disney Has an Anime Commercial

Just thought you should know that two universes have collapsed on themselves and are going to slowly rip apart time and space as we know it.

Space Mountain Disneyland – Review

Space Mountain goes on record as the first official rollercoaster I’ve ever been on. I just don’t have the gravitational fortitude to handle a lot of the movement. Luckily, Space Mountain is in the dark and I can’t see when the turns happen. I had a lot of fun being able to barely glimpse something was about to change and then be surprised with which direction I’d be going. Kudos, to Space Mountain for getting me into it and then making me dizzy afterwards. Might take me a while to get back to it though. Space Mountain is probably a must stop on your Disneyland adventure.

Splash Mountain Disneyland – Review

There is some really interesting dichotomy going on in this ride. A lot of cute characters interacting, singing the whole way through, then the rabbit gets captured and you fall down a giant slide and some people get wet. I was dismayed to learn that they reshaped the flume so it doesn’t splash as much, but I went in winter so it worked out, except for the guy in the front, he got wet. I’ve never really been able to handle rollercoasters so I still can’t seem to handle long drops which this one has. Splash Mountain is pretty fun and probably a necessity during the summer, but it was just okay here.

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride and Snow White’s Scary Adventures Disneyland – Review

I lumped these two rides together because they are essentially the same ride. You are in a cart that runs along a track and you traverse across different parts of the particular movies that they are in: Wind in the Willows and Snow White.

Snow White had some better effects, but they seemed to go out of their way to accentuate the scary part. So at least 1/3 of the ride was the evil queen in her disguise trying to give us apples. She really wanted us to try an apple. Must’ve been 4 or 5 times we saw apples. Then there was the anti-climactic ending when everything was suddenly okay. It was weird.

Not as weird as Mr Toad’s Wild Ride, where there isn’t really an ending. Not a happy one at least. They took just his motorcar sequence here and made it pretty exciting with all of the almost danger we were put in. Then we ended up in hell. Then the ride ended. It was weird.

So in conclusion, these are two pretty short and definitely weird rides.

Jungle Cruise Disneyland – Review

There’s no getting around this one: you go on this ride for the one-liners. Our skippers favorite line was, “Oh my god, look over there! There’s absolutely nothing!” and “Here’s the most interesting part of the tour, the backside of water.” Yup, you can expect that sort of thing while on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. It’s a gentle ride that could barely be classified as a ride since it’s basically a boat ride in a circle. It’s not terrible, but Indiana Jones is right next door…

Haunted Mansion Disneyland – Review

I decided to review this ride over Pirates of the Caribbean because they have some awesome effects going on here. Some great holograms, animated projections, and hyrdaulics tricks. Being put into a stretching room and then ushered on to a moving comfy chair really accents a great atmosphere. The singing I could do without, but if it were gone than it wouldn’t be much of a kids’ ride. I definitely recommend this as one of your stops especially if you are into visual effects.