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Day of the Doctor Poster Confirms Multiple Doctors


Yup, the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special featuring both Matt Smith and David Tennant will totally feature both Matt Smith and David Tennant.  Also, John Hurt will be around.  Everything you knew about it before the poster continues to be true.  Good news.  Or… neutral news, I guess.  Just have to wait until November 23 to find out why that’s… wait.  The day after the Xbox One releases?  What the hell, Doctor Who?  What the hell?  Dick move.

The Inevitable Outcome of Casting Malcolm Tucker As The Doctor

Here’s the first of what, I’m sure, will be a million YouTube videos making the same joke: The new Doctor is played by a man who also played a character that was quite profane. 

Now, this video, it’s pretty great.  Pretty much tells the whole joke.  So here’s what I suggest, we all agree that all the other videos that do the same thing are probably equally as funny, so you don’t need to do them again.  Let’s all agree this is the one that will represent all the others.  Malcolm Tucker cursed a lot, and bite he’s the Doctor.  We got it.

Your New Doctor Is That One Guy, From That Thing!

That guy! It’s Peter Capaldi, who you probably recognize from a number of things (including both an episode of Doctor Who and one of the Torchwood miniseries, which I’m sure will require them saying a number of imaginary words to justify) but he’s probably most well known for his hilarious level of cursing in In the Loop and The Thick of It.

So, there you go. There’s your new guy. Despite the Doctor’s claim that he can regenerate into pretty much anyone or anything, he’s ended up looking like a white guy from Great Britain again. Twelve for Twelve. That’s a pretty good streak. The only real difference between these regenerations seems to be their level of acerbity. We seem to be swinging back towards Eccleston levels of grumpy. I imagine a lot of “Humans are shit” coming from this guy. And considering characters he’s played in the past, possibly actually in those exact words. A lot of “Oh, look what terrible things humans are doing!” Out of this next season. Which, alright. Let’s just hope he scares away Oswin while he’s at it. Because really… she just the worst.

Prepare for Dissapointment, Your New Doctor Is Announced This Sunday


Yup, it’s that time again.  A new Doctor will soon be regenerating, and because they know there’s no way in hell they’d be able to keep that a secret until that change happens during the Christmas special, they’re going to let us know who it is during a live special this Sunday.  It’s airing at 7PM… England time?  They have two time zones, right?  Cause of Greenwich?  Whatever.  It’s 7PM whatever, which means 2PM Eastern and 11AM Pacific.  That’s when you’ll be able to watch what is sure to be a remarkably boring show that wastes an hour of your life just so that you can be told the new Doctor isn’t any of the people you were hoping for, and is instead someone you’ve never heard of.  And then you’ll be all grumpy about it until he’s got about half a season under his belt, and then you’ll forget why you were mad.  Unless this next season’s as bad as the most recent season, in which case you will probably stop watching, and the show will be cancelled.  Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  That would be sad.

From BBC America

Time to Get Used to a New Doctor Again

Seriously, guys?  I just got used to this one, and now you’re telling me I gotta get used to another one?  Come on!  Okay, fine.  Yes, Matt Smith is stepping down from being The Doctor, and will regenerate into Number Twelve this Christmas.  At least, I assume it’s Number Twelve.  John Hurt’s Evil-Doctor kind of throws a wrench into the whole numbering thing.  If he is even The Doctor.  The Matt Smith Doctor said that the John Hurt Doctor wasn’t The Doctor, but then the on screen titles said he was, so who the eff knows?  Point is, Doctor’s changing up during this Christmas special, so be prepared for another disjointed, confusing season that doesn’t quite know what the hell it’s doing because it has to reboot the story midway though.  It’s gonna be awesome.  Only good news is that they might have an excuse to ditch ridiculous Clara Oswald when he regenerates.  That’d be nice, right?

Oh, and speaking of numbers, if you’re a fan of the original show and/or the original show’s Wikia your might remember that there’s a pretty firm “only twelve regenerations per Time Lord” rule.  It’s why The Master was always getting in such trouble, trying to get past that rule.  Well, that’s gone.  Rapidly approaching his eleventh regeneration (again, assuming that John Hurt one doesn’t count, because what’s the deal there?) the show runners have decided that rule doesn’t apply anymore.  Maybe it was less a biological imperative and more a restriction enforced by the Time Lords?  And now that the Time Lords are all gone The Doctor can do whatever he wants?  Who knows.  But don’t worry about it.  The Doctor will be able to continue regenerating and carrying on the show until it’s so bad that even this most recent season seems like one of the better ones.  Hooray.

From BBC

DVD Day – May 28, 2013


Doctor Who: Series Seven – Part Two
Now that this season of Doctor Who is over, we’re all going to pretend it never existed, right?

Longmire: The Complete First Season
Cowboys! I think.

Covert Affairs – Season Three
Who’s still watching Lady-Burn Notice?

Doctor Who: The Snowmen
This wasn’t already out on DVD? Whatever, it’s equally awful. I suggest also ignoring it.

Suits: Season Two
The less fun version of Franklin and Bash?

Beetlejuice: The Complete Series
For that person who desperately needs to own every episode of the Beetlejuice Animated Series. The hell is wrong with you, guy?

Dark Skies
As far as I can tell, it doesn’t have anything to do with that show where the ER guy fights against an alien occupation.

The Numbers Station
The story of numbers being read over the radio. Normally here is where I’d say “It’s more exciting than it sounds” but it’s really not. But for other reasons.

Let’s Pretend We Might Learn The Doctor’s “Real” Name


So, the title of the season finale of Doctor Who had been revealed, and it’s “The Name of The Doctor.”  Oh, shit!  We’re going to learn his real name?  Cue that gif of the Supernatural brothers looking crazy surprised.


There it is.

They’re totally going to do it!  It’s not like this is going to be one of the million other times they’ve pretended they were going to reveal some huge thing, and then, oh, not really.  Except, yes, that’s exactly what it’s like.  They’re not going to ruin a mystery that’s existed for fifty years.  It’s never going to happen.

And even if they wanted to, how?  Most writers can’t even agree what “The Doctor” means.  Some episodes he clearly has a regular name, but in others The Doctor is his name.  The Master said he chose it, but no one ever said he had a name before that.  Sometimes it just is his name.  Still, since the blue head guy in the last season finale said that if The Doctor ever told us his real name it would end the universe it would appear that for the moment he does have a real name.  On the other hand, the blue head guy said that if The Doctor said his real name it would end the universe so we can assume he’s not going to do that.  Quit freaking out.

The Doctor May Be Overstating This Girl’s Impossibleness

Sure, she’s a little impossible. She’s died at least twice, that we know of, and she’s still kickin’. That’s odd. That may warrant an investigation. But I think he may be overemphasizing the impossibility. He’s seen a lot of impossible stuff. His whole life is pretty much going from one impossible thing to another. Why’s he treating this one so special? It’s not like he hasn’t, on occasion, died and gotten better. This is the pot calling the kettle black. Or the “once erased himself entirely from ever having existed and then got better” pot calling the “reincarnated a couple of times” kettle impossible. One of these is slightly more ridiculous than the other.

The Doctor Rides Motorcycles Now, Oswin Looks Way Too Pleased With Herself


Apparently we give tv shows posters now?  I guess.  They’d like to remind you that the second half of this ridiculously stretched out and delayed season is actually going to show up, eventually.  Hooray.  The Doctor will ride a motorcycle though glass while followed by the terrifying disembodied head of Oswin Oswald, smiling like some sort of horror movie clown.  Weird.

There’s also a synopsis for the first episode I didn’t read cause it’s only a damn month away (you can check it out here, if interested) but I did notice the bad guys are going to be called “Spoonheads” which, if you remember, is the Bajoran pejorative for Cardassians.  So I’m just going to go ahead and assume the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover is spilling over into the live action series, and that the villains will, on fact, be Cardassians.  And maybe they can resurrect Weyoun.  They are time travelers, after all.  The would be the best episode ever.

Doctor Who Meets Big Lebowski

Like many things I find online that are Doctor Who related, I’m sure it would be funnier if I watched more. And this one is more obscure because it brings jokes form 4th and 8th doctors in. Maybe more. Still, nice mashup.