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No Need to Vote Mario Party As Friendship Ruiner

Mario PartyRight now, Dorkly has a live vote on what game has the most friendship ruining potential. This does not need a vote. There is and always will be a clear winner in this genre. Mario Party franchise is the king of killing friendships. Nothing really comes close. Currently second in the polls is Mario Kart, but I’ve never seen that one cause huge arguments. Smash Bros and Mario Tennis, well any game with Mario seems to have the chance of estranging two people. Mario Party is the worst in that most of the time, it’s out of your control. So you’ve lost a friend because of some random number generator. Awful. So sad.

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What Really Happened in Mario Snow Worlds

Winter is coming to Mario World, did you bring your coat?

Bowser Improves How He Handles Guns Against Mario

I know the gameplay reasons, but the actual reasons for slow-moving bullets and cannon fire are very short. This tries to explain one of the many weird things in the Mario universe. Not that there aren’t many others, but this one seems to be more relevant now.

What Animals Sonic Really Saves From Robots

You always have to save the small, cute and cuddly animals. What about the skunks and the porcupines and the lizards and the spiny toads and the pigeons, etc. Sonic shouldn’t just stick to bunnies and squirrels and thrashes. Save everyone, Sonic!

Bad Piggies Commit Crimes Against Nature

The pigs from Angry Birds aren’t the smartest. They live in ramshackle housing and then creative even more ramshackle vehicles in Bad Piggies. I think they need to be investigated for all the negligent engineering that goes on in this world.

Pokemon Rusty Makes His First Gym Battle

Some gym battles can be hard. They all at least require a little bit of strategy. Pokemon Rusty has never heard the word before.

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Pokemon Rusty Meets Competitive Pokemon Master

I put 300 some hours into Pokemon Pearl. The only thing that really stopped me from fighting online was the lack of a truly competitive team, but that would’ve meant breeding and breeding to get perfect IVs, then fighting and fighting to get perfect EVs, then doing it again when I didn’t like how my team did because I picked less popular Pokemon because they aren’t generally as good. Ugh, glad I didn’t waste my time on that. Now, time to blog more about Pokemon…

Pokemon And HMs Are A Fickle Thing

I always hated the HM portion of the Pokemon games. At the beginning you didn’t necessarily have the right Pokemon to make an HM slave, so you had a a bunch in your party with a wasted move because all but Surf were terrible attack moves on their own. At least someone knows how to make light of the situation. Go Pokemon Rusty!

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Sonic Shouldn’t Have Rescued All of the Animals

Clever, Sonic the Hedgehog parody. Clever. Totally flipped that on me. Stupid Rats.

What a Pokemon Reunion Looks Like

All Pokemon grow up. Some have an easier time than others. Some turn out to be great, some turn out to be Poliwhirl. Everyone remembers Magikarp, but not for being Magikarp which sucks. Sucks so bad.