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Pokemon Rusty Goes to the Mall

This episode of Pokemon Rusty doesn’t really do much within the Pokemon universe, but it point out the stupidity of the economy. Why is always an obscene amount of money for a bicycle? Oh, that’s why.

The Toasty Guy From Mortal Kombat Does Stuff

I think they turned Toasty guy into something mysterious and mostly cool, into something really annoying. This Mortal Kombat easter egg was on the cusp of legend and you ruined it. And then killed him. Hmmm, weird solution. But it is probably the solution for everything in the Mortal Kombat world.

What Happens If Mario Never Learned to Play the Whistle

This happens. Sure, it might be hard to believe that a small variation in a single tune on a flute would cause all of this, but worse things could happen to Mario and the gang. Get with it Mario. Learn the flute.

Pokemon Rusty Runs Into a Snorlax

The take on an incompetent Pokemon trainer returns. He has been picked up by his dad, but things get worse from there. I enjoy this parody and what it does to enrich the world of Pokemon. Just don’t run over a Snorlax, it doesn’t end well.

Star Wars Plot Holes Made Evident By Incompetance

Yeah, I guess they tried to have everything make sense amongst all the Star Wars movies, but they were written decades between each other so you have to admit that taking Luke to his father’s home planet was a pretty incompetent move. Then everything else goes by the wayside, like how Yoda looks exactly the same age throughout everything yet Obi-Wan looks far more distinguished (read: old) in a short 20 years. Hrm.

Trick or Treating in the Video Game World

Time for all the Halloween themed parody videos. This one has Link, Zelda, Mario, Mortal Komabt, Mega Man and Pacman. Good way to continue the Halloween holiday spirit (see, I did spirit there because spirits come alive during Halloween. Am I explaining the joke? Has this gone too far? Why am I still typing? Shh. Stop it. Stop typing.)

Sonic and Dr Robotnik Have Nicknames

I highly prefer Robotnik over Eggman. There isn’t much fear you can strike being called Eggman, unless you are amazingly creepy looking, which Robotnik hasn’t been since the chilli dog version of the Sonic carton came on TV. Man, did Sonic the Hedgehog really love his chilli dogs.

Legend of Zelda Meets Se7en

This fits so well together. Though, based on the screencap, I was kind of wondering if Ganon was going to be the Gluttony sin victim. But, no, the Envy one works out much better. If only Legend of Zelda was as dark and gritty as Se7en, then things would be hella crazy… Hella. Seeing a Goron decomposing on a bed would hella trippy… Hella.

Everyone Thought This About Mortal Kombat and Johnny Cage

This gets a little weird. Jax and Johnny Cage make this weirder. I don’t really want to comment more on this because it would really ruin Mortal Komabt for me. Well, I guess not so much more than all of the games between Mortal Komabt 3 and the latest one. Remember Sub-Zero Anthology? Ugh.

Mario Was With Pauline First, Now We Know What Happened to Her

This little insight into the personal relationship between Mario and Princess Peach is eye-opening. And remember Pauline? I kind of do. She was in Donkey Kong or something. This is awkward.