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Elder Scrolls Online Will Feature a First Person Mode (If That Matters)


Historically, the Elder Scrolls had been a first person game.  Sure, sometimes you can go to a third person mode, but the game is designed around first person, so the only thing third person is good for is checking out your cool new armor. Otherwise you pretty much stick to first person. 

So when the news broke that Elder Scrolls Online would be third person, people were perturbed.  That’s not how it was before!  Ignore the fact that being a MMO the third person mode is almost certainly more useful than first person, when I played Oblivion I was in first person, so I damn well better get that first person again.  For reasons!

Well good news irrational person I invented as a straw man.  First person well be a thing.  You are fine.  The game is still designed primarily as a third person game, so there will be area effects that you’ll not be able to use correctly, since you can’t see behind you, and the combat is supposed to be the same World of Warcraft “wait until it refreshes” gameplay, so the game will target for you, and the point of playing first person is moot.  But at a glance it will resemble the old games, so totally worth it!

Come On, Elder Scrolls Online, Really?

Listen, I get that you want your intro cinematic to look fancy and be filled with awesome folks doing badass things.  But there’s a certain point where it gets ridiculous.  This dude’s riding bridges and murdering an entire floor of soldiers, then swinging down to confront others by slicing a rope and riding it like Tarzan.  It’s all super exciting.  But you know damn well that two minutes after watching this video you’ll be playing the game proper where the combat will be “Right Click On That Guy Until He Dies.”

Obviously this isn’t exclusive to this game.  Pretty much every MMO suffers from the same issue.  The Old Republic had a giant Jedi battle, pulling the kind of Jedi tricks that only a couple of cartoons had really done before, but the game was just your standard Attack, Attack, Power Attack, Attack.  WoW has a new one of these for every new release, and the core gameplay in that one’s been the same for close to a decade.  But it’s still a little silly to sell your game using this stuff when the actual game resembles it in almost no way.

Still, if the desire to visit Tamriel with friends is powerful enough to deal with a combat system even less exciting than your average Elder Scrolls game (entirely possible, the desire to visit Tamriel alone is powerful enough to deal with Skyrim’s combat system) you can sign up for the beta over at the official website right now.  There’s no word on when it actually starts, but you can at least get that ball rolling.

Elder Scrolls Online Gameplay Looks Like Other Games

Yes, it’s Bethesda. Yes, it’s Elder Scrolls. Yes, everyone wants this game to happen. However, it doesn’t look any different than what you are probably playing right now. What they will get you is if you prefer the franchise because that’s what this game is really trying to sell you on. If you are intrigued, here’s 10 minutes of designers talking about the game with a little bit of gameplay footage thrown in. Looks like all the others.

Elder Scrolls Online Trailer – Still Maddeningly Mediocre

Elder Scrolls Online continues to plod along to it’s inevitable disappointing release.  Nothing about out looks bad, exactly.  But nothing looks good.  It looks like every boring ass Everquest clone that was released until World of Warcraft redefined the genre.  Now we’re back to that.  Except they’ll probably blatantly copy the World of Warcraft gameplay, because everyone does that.  So it’s be combat that’s even more boring than your average Elder Scrolls game.  That’s a tough sell.

Elder Scrolls Online Teaser – Just About What You’d Expect from a Teaser for a Game Announced Last Week

No actual content. Some arty shit and a voiceover. Just standard teaser stuff.

In other Elder Scrolls Online news, IGN’s got the list of factions available. And it’s crazy. That bit where the teaser said “unlikely alliances are formed” is totally accurate. These alliances are unlikely as shit:

The Ebonheart Pact consists of Nords, Dunmer, and Argonians from the Northern and Eastern regions.

The Aldmeri Dominion consists of Altmer, Bosmer, and Khajiit from the South and South West regions.

The Daggerfall Covenant consists of Bretons, Redguards, and Orcs from the North West regions.

Dunmer, Argonian and Nord seems the weirdest. None of those dudes has a great history of teaming up with others. So all three teaming up is weird. Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit seems a bit more likely. High elves and Wood elves are not the best of friends, but they are both elves. And Khajiit… well, they’re Khajiit. They seem the type to hang out with elf alliances. Bretons and Redguard I get. They’re way different socially, but they’re both human-y, so there’s some common ground. Orcs, though. Why would Orcs be teamed with two sets of humans? Orc, human, and another race, I could understand. But Orcs and humans seems like trouble. Also, why Orc? Why not Orsimer? They called all the elf races by their name, but just call Orcs Orcs. Not cool.

Finally, I guess we’re all fighting against the Imperials, who have made some seriously bad decisions, and allied with the sort of folks you don’t want to ally with, mostly because they’re demons. So, that’s the bad guy. I understand it takes place years before Oblivion or Skyrim, so, clearly things work out for the best. Kind of makes playing the game seem a little pointless, really.

Elder Scrolls Online Will Soon Be a Thing, Because Why Have an IP If You’re Not Going to Turn It Into an MMO?

Yup. That’s happening now. Seems wrong. Ever since Morrowind, Elder Scrolls has seemed like the alternative to an MMO. All the giant worlds and grinding and crafting and whatnot that you can stand, but without having to deal with other people, which is great, because other people invariably ruin anything.

But now that’s ruined. Now the next trip to Tamriel will be filled with jackasses with names like “TheReelChckNrrs” and “FdYourMom”. Completing any major mission will require teaming up with these assholes who will call you a retard when they they get killed after they rush right into the mouth of a damn monster without letting you prepare. This is the future of Tamriel. Bummer.

From Joystiq