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Summer Movies as Video Games

A really nice trend in the Internet is making things from one medium and turning them into another medium, and putting the resulting image on a t-shirt. Well, Entertainment Weekly, skipped the t-shirt step and just gave you a nice collection of summer movies turned into video games. Here is the Avengers as Final Fantasy. After the jump check out Expendables 2 and Magic Mike. Magic Mike might be my favorite.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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Expendables 3 Cast Can Get Bigger, More Crowded, Older

And you didn’t think that this movie concept could get any crazier. I’m sure Expendables 3 is already in production. I don’t care on the accuracy on that statement because clearly there will be, and they want to make this movie look like the old person’s Silverado. The producer is talking to everyone who is not in the movie, has been in an action movie at some point, and is over 50. That includes Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Nicolas Cage and Wesley Snipes once we gets out of prison. So now we’ve got a principal cast of 14 it seems, that could get pricy. Schwarzenegger better do it for free again, because I know Cage won’t. He needs the money.


Expendables 2 Game Looks Familiar

We will ignore the similarity between this trailer and the viral campaign for Metal Gear Rising. But, we will not ignore how much this looks like a more 3D version of Contra. You will like this game directly proportional to how much you like The Expendables and The Expendables 2.

Expendables 2 Has Clips Now

Or maybe they had them before, but probably not this ridiculous. This is a pretty ridiculous clip, even by the standard that you expect from The Expendables. Sylvester Stallone is ridiculous on his own, but what he does here is really beyond the decent levels of ridiculous you should ever endure.

Expendables 2 Trailer – Not Enough of Chris Rock’s Dad

Awesome.  Another one of these.  You know when the star of your movie can barely get through his introduction that you’re in for a good time.  “If you think the last movie kicked ass… Line?  I am the law!”

Otherwise, we got a lot of muscly guys giving each other grins and winks and fighting incredibly slowly in what’s clearly supposed to make me think they’re so badass that they’re completely calm and collected, but really just makes me think they’re too old to run from bullets.  Norris in particular plods through battle like he thinks he’s a Terminator.  Or maybe he thinks all those shitty jokes about him being awesome will work as a shield. I dunno.

On the flip side, Statham’s “Husband and Knife” joke made me giggle.  And the movie has apparently taken the claim that no scene featuring a smart car can be exciting as a challenge, so, well played there.  I dunno if they’re gonna succeed, but even trying takes a certain amount of balls.

Finally, I can’t wait until people start complaining about Nan Yu.  I guarantee somewhere someone is writing a angry comment on youtube claiming that her inclusion is gay.  They didn’t come here to see an action movie starring women.  They came to see a dozen muscly guys wrestling with no women in sight.  Way less gay.  (Sorry about that, I’m still angry at the first Expendables for doing so much better than Scott Pilgrim vs the World, even though Scott Pilgrim was such a better movie.  Also, more than one person claimed I was no longer a “man” for preferring Scott Pilgrim.  Screw that.)