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Look, It’s a Firefly Game!


The Firefly board game that we were promised back when that weird company no one had ever heard of bought the rights to the series has finally emerged, showing up this weekend at Gen Con.  Nerd Approved has a bunch of pictures and a vague description, about how you will each run around the solar system on your own ships, attempting to complete various missions so that you can complete the main mission before anyone else.   Sounds potentially fun, I guess.  But it doesn’t matter, really.  It’s Firefly, I’m gonna buy it, whatever it’s about.

The game is available for pre-order over at Amazon right now, for those of us unlucky not to be at Gen Con to get a prerelease version.  Stupid gaming conventions, why are you so far away from me?

Firefly Online Game Announcement – Really?

Hey, Firefly fans. Are you excited? Huh? Finally a game for Firefly. Isn’t this something you’ve always wanted. First, this announcement tells us nothing about what type of game it is. Second, why now? Third, its only on tablets and smartphones (probably gets a Steam port down the line). Lastly, there was no need for video. And it’s a dumb video. I’ve seen better trailers on Boy Meets World reruns (Shawn lives in a trailer park. No? Ok, I’ll stop).

Joss Whedon Explains Why You Probably Won’t See a Firefly Kickstarter Soon


With the news that the Veronica Mars kickstarter reached it’s target of two million dollars in less than a day (news that I didn’t cover because I just don’t understand why people care about Veronica Mars) our thoughts turned to other beloved and cancelled series that might be Kickstartered.  Series like Firefly or… Firefly or maybe… Firefly?  I’m sure there are other series.  Somewhere there’s someone writing an impassioned letter to get Party Down kickstartered.  But obviously the thing we all care about is Firefly.  And while any rational human could probably list, like, a million reasons why this wouldn’t really work, we’re not rational when it comes to Firefly.  Because it’s Firefly.

So it falls to Joss Whedon to remind us that “Dude, that’s probably not gonna happen.”  Nathan Fillion’s still making Castle, Joss Whedon is not only making another Avengers, but shepherding all the other Marvel movies to make sure that Marvel is the best it can be.  Adam Baldwin is busy writing ridiculously offensive right wing propaganda on Twitter (seriously, what’s going on there?) and everyone else is doing… things, I’m sure.  So if it ever does happen, it won’t be for years.  And we’re already more than ten years out.  We’re getting close to Firefly: The Next Generation every day. 

Then there’s the fact that it’s an expensive show.  The movie cost forty million dollars.  That’s substantially more than Veronica Mars’s two million.  We don’t know how much the show cost, estimates place it at a million dollars an episode, which is slightly more reasonable, if you’re happy with a movie around the quality of an episode of the show, but you figure a lot of that had to be props or sets whose cost was spread out over several episodes, and would ratchet the cost of a movie up substantially.  So unless you have a lot of cash laying around, this probably isn’t really happening.

Plus you still have to buy the rights from Fox or Universal, or possibly both, I don’t know how those contracts with out. Probably Fox if it’s a show, Universal if it’s a movie, unless maybe the movie rights reverted back to Fox at some point?  Too complicated for me. That can’t be cheap either.  Let’s just let it go, and hope that Whedon has an excuse to cast Summer Glau for some role in the Avengers 2. That’s really the best were going to get.

From Comingsoon

Firefly Board Games Are Coming


Yes.  A company named Toy Vault just got the merchandising rights for Firefly from Fox.  They’re planning new toys, plushes, and table top games.  Finally, we’ll be able to okay a board game in the Firefly universe.  This is all I’ve really wanted.  Ever.

Now, let’s just hope they’re real games, like the Battlestar Galactica game and not, like, a Monopoly ripoff but with Firefly characters.  The games on their website aren’t as detailed as I would hope, but they do seem to be avoiding the “Just slap the license on a game we’ve already designed” thing, so that’s better than nothing. But not as good as Fantasy Flight Games. That would be the best. If they got the license.

Today’s the Day for Some Joss Whedon Purchasing

Buffy DVD

So, amazon’s already ramping up for their awesome yet frustrating Thanksgiving sales. The deals are usually awesome, but they also disappear in seconds, forcing you to spend the whole week on amazon if you actually want to purchase anything. We really didn’t need to start that up three weeks early. Still, it’s not so bad today. In fact, today it is awesome. All of Joss Whedon’s shows are on sale. All of them. Dollhouse, Firefly, Buffy, Angel. They’re all there. And the Buffy and Angel complete series sets are awesomely discounted. So if you don’t already own all those seasons, or if you do, but always wished you could have a box that would hold them all, today’s the day to make that happen. I already own all the Angel seasons, but I’m seriously considering that Buffy box set. Look at it. It’s beautiful.

From Amazon

Let’s Talk About That Firefly Animated Series That’s Never Happening

Because it was Comic-Con, and because you can’t get a pack of nerds somewhere near a Firefly Alum without them asking stupid questions, once again Nathan Fillion was quizzed about the possible return of Firefly. And first off, it’s been ten damn years, people. We got a movie, we’re clearly not getting anything else. But because “Obviously not, stop asking” isn’t an answer that goes over well in front of a room of rabid fans, Nathan Fillion said some nonsense about maybe an animated series happening. Then Sean Maher said “someone” was totally trying to make it happen. Who that someone was? Who knows. But he may have worked with Guillermo del Toro. So, Ron Perlman? Wesley Snipes? That dude with all the eyes from Pan’s Labyrinth?

No, obviously this isn’t happening. If it was going to happen, wouldn’t it probably have happened half a dozen years ago, when everyone was like, “Well, okay, maybe not a tv series or another movie, but how about an animated series? It would be cheaper because they wouldn’t have to build all the sets, and the actors could show up to line read and still have time to work on other projects!” If it wasn’t a good idea all that time ago, why would it suddenly work now? Let’s not discuss this like it’s an actual thing. Just continue living your lame Firefly-Free life. Aww, I made myself feel bad.

From AV Club

Where Does Someone Get 70,000 LEGOs?


This is a seven foot long Serenity built from seventy thousand LEGOs by Adrian Blake.  That shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  And it’s not just a pretty outside.  The inside is almost entirely complete, other than an engine room, which couldn’t be built without everything falling apart.  But it’s got everything else. 

The cockpit (along with a tiny dinosaur):


The mess:


Even an adorable little shuttle:


It’s so great.  And there’s a million more photos over at his Flickr.  Check it out.  But it does raise the question.  Where do you get that many LEGOs?  They’re so goddamn expensive.  Stupid expensive ass LEGOs.  Stupid talented tips that can make cool stuff out of LEGOs without directions.  Stop making me feel bad.


The Firefly Reunion at Comic Con Video

This was nice of somebody to post the entire reunion panel from this year’s Comic Con online. So nice, you should probably watch it in case it gets taken down. Seems like a legitimate YouTube channel, but who knows with complicated copyright laws and whatnot.

Browncoats Unite – Firefly Reunion TV Special

Firefly fans are likely upset they aren’t at Comic Con this weekend because they will miss the Firefly reunion panel featuring Nathan Fillion, Joss Whedon and others. Well lucky for you, they will be filming it and using portions for the upcoming reunion special, Browncoats Unite. It will premiere on the Science Channel. Now stop complaining!

Via Entertainment Weekly

We Have Found the Most Crowded Panel for This Year’s Comic Con – Firefly

Yes. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the show that everyone watched years too late will be getting a panel at San Diego Comic Con. At the panel, “you” will be able to see Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion and most of the rest of the cast. I put “you” in quotation marks because everyone and their mother and her mother will be hoping to get into that panel. You won’t be able to make if you want to be able to do anything else that day. Yay! We get to stand in line…outside…amongst annoying superfans. Yay?

Via Entertainment Weekly