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Let us All Talk About Some Fake Languages Like Elvish

This has been floating around the internet for a couple days until I watched it. I sorta have a degree in English and I really like studying grammar and origin of language. Therefore, cool languages we see in stuff like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek are fascinating to me. Learn a little bit about why Tolkein spent more time on making up Elvish than fleshing out story structure.

A Maybe Honest Reaction to Nudity on HBO – NSFW

In an equality-based world, I can see how some people might argue for this. But then again, this might be the first time anyone has asked to see more dongs in TV shows… or anywhere in the mainstream media. This is done in humor, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume this is the minority of opinions. HBO does need to cave to public pressure of dongs. Though, there probably is a market that wants more boobs, but they probably have enough of that. If people want more of any indecent body part they should switch to porn.

George RR Martin Goes a Little Postal

Context: these guys wrote a song about how long it takes Martin to write his newest book. I guess it’s been a long time, I’m not waiting up for it. However, they were able to get George and Neil Gaiman to do a bit with them on stage in San Diego this weekend. It’s pretty great. Now what are you doing on stage at concert when you could be writing?

Game of Thrones Theme on Flaming Unicycle Bagpipes

The only way this becomes more extreme-slash-epic, is if they didn’t do this in a parking lot. In fact, any other space would make this more extreme-slash-epic. Maybe some actual camera work. Don’t get me wrong, this is totally extreme-slash-epic.

Game of Thrones Characters Rap at Kids Birthday Party

Yup, birthday party is the best place to sing about what happens in Game of Thrones. Geek parents are probably having a hard time not teaching the awesomeness of Game of Thrones to their kids. They really can’t be sharing it. Are there parents out there watching this with their kids? There’s more than one topic that’s not appropriate.

Game of Thrones Inducted in Nerd Hall of Fame

I can’t tell you what the big laugh is here, but it doesn’t involve George R.R. Martin. All of the important characters from different nerd franchises show up to Conan to usher in the Game of Thrones franchise. But George R.R. Martin isn’t on stage yet, so it goes a little weird. And Harry Potter should represent Harry Potter, not Dumbledore. But they probably had a writer play the part, their aren’t teenagers on Conan’s writing staff.

Beer of Thrones Makes You Gamey

This seems dangerous. It’s a beer that makes you act out scenarios from Game of Thrones, likely more TV than the book. A bit extreme. I don’t think I’ll partake of this beer, just in case I’m the one beheaded or spanked.

Minecraft Sort of Mimics Game of Thrones Opening

I mean, it’s not exactly the opening. It’s a little hard to animate building something in Minecraft. But have to give credit where credit is due. These people love them some Game of Thrones. And Minecraft. They’d have to like both to spend this much time on it.

Game of Thrones Kids Show Seems Inappropriate

SOME SPOILERS (I think, I don’t have any context)

If it weren’t for all the killing, incest, and biting political intrigue, this would work. But you remove all that and you have a bad Merlin clone. Lets do none of that and keep Game of Thrones the way it is.


I think I’m suffering from asterisk overdose now.  Here’s the Friends opening titles version of Game of Thrones, which I’m sure is a thing that someone else has already done, but I’ll post them every time, because anyone who can comb through enough footage to find a solid minute of characters actually smiling deserves some credit.  I mean, other than Joffrey’s creepy serial killer smile.

Also because Clapclapclapclap!